Smartsheet Pricing

Pricing Features Section

Smartsheet provides easy, scalable work management for businesses of all sizes.


$10 $10 $10 €9 £7 ¥1,300 per user
per month

when paid annually

For individuals coordinating a project or tracking information, people, or tasks.


  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Gantt Charts
  • Mobile Access
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$15 $15 $15 €14 £10 ¥1,900 per user
per month

when paid annually

For 3 or more users coordinating work and collaborating with larger teams.

Basic plan features plus:

  • Multiple Creators
  • User Management
  • Reporting
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For enterprises of all sizes, managing work with enhanced control and security.

Team plan features plus:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Live Data Connector
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Pricing Compare Section

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Licensed Users

Licensed Users can create sheets and reports.

Collaborators (FREE!)

Invite collaborators to view or edit your sheets for FREE.

Invite anyone to work with you—co-workers, clients,
or partners.


The number of sheets Licensed Users can own. Sheets you delete
and those shared to you don’t count.

Sheets for Team plans are pooled across the 3 Licensed Users.
Each additional Licensed User adds 50 sheets to the pool.

File Storage

Storage for Team plans is pooled across the 3 Licensed Users.
Each additional Licensed User adds 15 GB to the pool.


Online and email.
Dedicated account managers for Enterprise customers.
Priority support for Team accounts.

Online documentation also offered in Portuguese,
Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Italian.

Gantt Charts

Task and cross-project dependencies, hierarchy, milestones,
percentage complete, custom fields, critical path and filters.

Web Forms

Web forms enable you to collect any information
(survey, lead, registration, etc) into a sheet via the Web.


Access Smartsheet from any browser on any smartphone
or tablet, or download the app for iPhone, iPad or Android.

Custom Color and Logos

Customize the color and logo of your Smartsheet account
and workspaces.


Reporting enables you to find, review, and update
information across multiple sheets.

User Management, Groups

Assign System Administrators who can add and remove
users and manage sheet ownership.
Assign Group Admins who can create groups for
sharing/sending to multiple users.

Resource Management

Enable resource viewers to view allocation of key people
across projects.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on via SAML2. Supports ADFS 2, Okta,
OneLogin, Ping Identity, VMWare Horizon, Shibboleth.

Automated Provisioning

Automatically add Licensed Users within designated email
domain to your Enterprise license when they create sheets.

Live Data Connector

Connect live Smartsheet data to analytics tools like
Tableau and Excel.

50 GB
Minimum of 3
100 GB
Get Smartsheet - 30 Days for Free
No credit card required

Pricing FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions


Licensed User vs. Collaborator:
What’s the difference?

Licensed Users can create sheets and decide who else can access, update, and/or change the structure. Collaborators may access sheets with edit or view only permissions, as determined by the sheet Licensed User Collaborators have free access.

Sheets: What are they?

Sheets store the information and files you collaborate on, track, and manage. You can set up sheets for managing projects, processes, contacts, checklists - quite literally anything.


Do you accept payments in my currency?

We can accept payments in USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, or JPY. We also accept payments via Paypal.

Can I be billed instead of paying by credit card?

Yes. For annual Team and Enterprise subscriptions, we can send you an invoice payable by check, wire transfer, or ACH. Please contact us to arrange.


Can I change my plan at anytime?

Yes. You can add Creators, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Monthly Plans: Are they available?

Yes, monthly terms are available for Basic and Team. You will have the chance to select annual or monthly frequency for these plans during the purchase process. Choose an annual term to receive our best pricing.


Non-profit pricing is available

Non-profits and schools receive preferred rates on annual plans:

  • Basic $99 (USD) per year
  • Team $149 (USD) per year per user. 3 user minimum.
Contact us for non-profit Enterprise pricing.