Manage work across teams and platforms with the Smartsheet Jira Connector

Manage work across teams and improve program visibility by automatically syncing Jira data with Smartsheet.

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  • Create automations, reports, and dashboards in Smartsheet for more Jira visibility across your organization.

  • Jira Smartsheet Connector Fields

    Control the syncing of information — both one-way and two-way — between Jira and Smartsheet for each field (including the creation of new issues) for better automated workflows.

  • workapps dashboard app

    Manage projects, automate processes, and scale up to enterprise-level programs and portfolios.

  • Jira Environment

    Bring your data together from across systems with the Jira Connector to eliminate data silos.

Jira is a valuable tool for our team, but we want to be able to use it in the best possible way throughout our organization. With Smartsheet, we have the ability to organize projects from start to finish while still having the benefits of Jira.

Natalie Pohorski, Director of Production, Creative Kingdoms

Key benefits

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Choose the right tool for the job

Different jobs require different tools. Share data across systems to keep teams aligned and help people do their best work.

Align your stakeholders

Drive cross-functional visibility of Jira data — and enable better data-driven decisions from leadership and improved stakeholder communication.


Automate for accuracy

Save time by automatically syncing information between Jira and Smartsheet — and reduce the risk of error from manually duplicating information.

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