Smartsheet Event Reporting

Gain Enterprise-Wide Insights into Smartsheet Usage for Better Visibility, Governance, and Control

Running your business processes — from team projects to strategic initiatives — on Smartsheet means that it’s critical to have enterprise-wide visibility into user activity. With Smartsheet Event Reporting, you can monitor user behavior, and view activity and actions taken within the Smartsheet platform. 

Event Reporting helps to ensure organizational compliance by letting you see the granular details of who is doing what in Smartsheet and when. You can quickly identify abnormal behavior and affirm that one of your company’s most valuable assets — your data — is being used within the established guardrails.  

Visibility Is the Key to Compliance

Event Reporting helps Smartsheet System Admins, IT admins, and information security officers answer important questions about how their organization’s data is being used in Smartsheet, such as:

• How are users collaborating in Smartsheet?
• What information is being created and shared?
• What data is being shared externally?

• Are users following our data governance policies?
• Which groups are collaborating with each other?

What Is Event Reporting?

Smartsheet Event Reporting is a feed of usage events from the past six months, accessible via the Event Reporting API. You can enrich this feed by connecting to the Smartsheet API to surface detailed events and specific content changes. The service reports on 100-plus events in Smartsheet, including:

• Creating objects
• Deleting objects
• Editing groups
• Installing the Smartsheet mobile app

• Adding users
• Commenting in sheets
• Creating new workspaces

How can Event Reporting Help Me?

Activity Log

Monitor Data Loss

Imagine that an employee leaves your company and joins a major competitor. Later, you  find out that competitor is offering a solution that is exactly like the one that is on your product development roadmap. You suspect that your former employee downloaded information containing roadmap details and shared it with the competition. If you had been using Smartsheet Event Reporting, you could have caught this illicit behavior before your competitor gained access to your proprietary information.


Enforce Policies

Even well-intentioned employees can misuse data. By identifying anomalous Smartsheet access and behavior patterns across your organization using Event Reporting, you can pinpoint individuals who are operating outside of the established organizational security and compliance policies, then take action to correct their behavior.

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Gain Insights on Collaboration

You use Smartsheet to manage some of the most critical processes, programs, and initiatives within your organization. Event reporting gives you the raw data to analyze collaboration patterns across and within teams, and chart the flow of information and data across stakeholders so you can make data-informed decisions, resulting in better business outcomes.