Free Weekly Schedule Templates for Excel

By Kate Eby | April 26, 2016

Whether you’re a college student, business owner, or busy parent, balancing all your responsibilities can be tricky. Creating a simple weekly schedule makes it easier to stay organized and plan ahead, and using a pre-formatted template makes this even easier. There are many potential uses for a weekly schedule template. 

We’ve compiled templates for both Microsoft Excel and Word that are easy to use, customize and print, and they are free to download. These templates are compatible with older versions of Excel and Word, including Excel 2003 and 2007 and can also be saved in PDF format. Some of the templates are formatted like weekly calendars, but if you’re looking for monthly, yearly or other calendars, we have a variety of Excel calendar templates available.

We’ve also included weekly schedule templates in Smartsheet, a real-time work execution platform that makes tracking and planning weekly tasks more collaborative than Excel.

Excel Weekly Schedule Template, Sun-Sat with 30-minute Intervals


Weekly Schedule Sun thru Sat 30 Min Intervals

Download Weekly Schedule Sun-Sat 30-min Intervals Excel Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Plan each hour of your day with this weekly template showing 30-minute intervals. Organize your work day, create a personal planner, schedule family activities, or print the template to use as a simple weekly calendar.

Bi-Weekly Work Schedule Excel Template


Bi-Weekly Work Schedule Template

Download Bi-Weekly Work Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Adjust the date and starting time on this bi-weekly work schedule template to create a custom calendar. Keep track of your own work schedule, or use this template to plan employee shifts.

Excel Weekly Schedule Template, Mon-Sun


Weekly Schedule template

Download Weekly Schedule Excel Template, Mon-Sun 

Excel | Smartsheet

This blank weekly schedule template provides morning, afternoon and evening time periods for a full week, starting with Monday. Stay organized with this basic weekly calendar template.

Weekly Task Schedule Template


Weekly Task List

Download Weekly Task Schedule Excel Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Keep track of your weekly tasks with this free template. Whether you’re scheduling errands, appointments, chores or other tasks, this template shows which items have been completed and which are still pending. Think of this as an Excel version of a weekly to-do list.

Employee Schedule Excel Template


Weekly Employee Schedule Template

Download Employee Schedule Excel Template

Excel | Smartsheet

In addition to scheduling shifts for employees, this free template allows you to track work hours and labor costs. Create a simple yet functional weekly employee schedule to streamline your business organization.

Weekly Report Excel Template


Weekly Report Template

Download Weekly Report Excel Template

Document progress and concerns for ongoing projects with this weekly report template. Get status updates from employees, create weekly reports for your boss, evaluate activities in process, and get feedback from team members. This simple template can be an important and effective communication tool.

Loan Amortization Schedule Template


Loan Amortization Schedule Template

Download Loan Amortization Schedule Excel Template

Track payments for a business loan, mortgage or other type of loan with this amortization schedule template. You can see how payments are applied to interest and principal, as well as the remaining balance on the loan.

Bill Payment Schedule Template


Bill Payment Schedule Template

Download Bill Payment Schedule Excel Template

This bill payment schedule shows when each bill is due and the monthly total spent on bills. Keep track of where your money is going each month, and make sure your bills get paid on time.

Weekly Planner Template


Weekly Planner Template

Download Weekly Planner Excel Template

This weekly planner template makes it easy to see your week at a glance, with room for notes and priority tasks. This is a simple choice if you’re looking for a free, printable planner. Keep track of birthdays and events, create a to-do list, and plan for each day of the week.

Weekly Assignment Schedule Template


Weekly Assignment Template

Download Weekly Assignment Schedule Excel Template

Stay on top of multiple assignments with this weekly assignment schedule template. The simple layout makes it easy to plan your week or create a weekly project calendar for your team.

Student Schedule Template


Student Schedule Template

Download Student Schedule Excel Template

School days just got a little easier. Students can plan their weekly schedules with this simple template, keeping track of class times, extracurricular activities, a work schedule, or any of the important aspects of a busy student life.

Weekly College Schedule Template


Weekly College Schedule

Download Weekly College Schedule Excel Template

If you’re a college student with a busy weekly schedule, use this template to stay organized and keep track of classes, study groups, events and other activities. Organize your college schedule by time, day and priority.

Class Schedule Template


Weekly Class Schedule Template

Download Class Schedule Excel Template

All students can benefit from a weekly class schedule template. It’s easy to plan for the week and create a daily routine based on a class schedule. Create time for studying, schedule meal times, and add any other important weekly obligations.

Weekly Homework Schedule Excel Template


Homework Schedule Template

Download Weekly Homework Schedule Excel Template

This homework schedule template may not keep you from procrastinating, but it will help you stay organized throughout the week. Track your homework assignments for each class, and record which items have been completed. 


Sports Schedule Template


Sport Schedule Template

Download Sports Schedule Excel Template

This sports schedule template is a roster and schedule in one. Coaches can easily access contact information for team members, schedule game days, and keep track of league teams.  

Weekly Chore Schedule Template


Chore Schedule Template

Download Weekly Chore Schedule Excel Template

Assign household chores to family members or housemates for each day of the week. This weekly chore schedule template shows morning and evening chores in a basic format that’s easy to read. Doing chores may not always be fun, but using a template can help ensure they get done.

Weekly Schedule Template for Word


Weekly Schedule Mon - Sun Template

Download Weekly Schedule Template, Sun-Sat for Word (landscape)

Download Weekly Schedule, Sun-Sat for Word Template (portrait)

Download Weekly Schedule, Mon-Sun for Word Template

Download Weekly Schedule, Mon-Sat for Word Template

Weekly Schedule Template, Sun-Sat for Word (landscape): If you need a full 24-hour schedule, this weekly template shows every hour for each day of the week. This template is printable in landscape format and can be easily adjusted to accommodate your schedule.

Weekly Schedule Template, Sun-Sat for Word (portrait): This weekly schedule template also shows a full 24-hour cycle for each day of the week, and is printable in portrait format.

Weekly Schedule Template, Mon-Sun for Word: Plan your days from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with this free weekly schedule template in Word format. This template shows a full week, starting with Monday.

Weekly Schedule Template, Mon-Sat for Word: This blank weekly schedule template offers simplicity and flexibility. Plan your week from Monday to Saturday using whatever time intervals suit your needs.

Weekly Agenda Template for Word


Weekly Agenda Word Template

Download Weekly Agenda Word Template

Review project schedules and goals, track ongoing action items, address new agenda items, and plan for future meetings with this weekly agenda template. If you have a recurring weekly meeting, this free template is an easy way to organize your weekly agenda and provide meeting notes to team members.

Improve Weekly Scheduling Efforts with Real-Time Task Management in Smartsheet

The ability to view and access schedules and task lists from anywhere, on any device, is key to balance workloads and ensure no task is missed. That’s why it’s essential to find a tool that makes it easy to view, track, and manage the details of your schedules, to-do lists, and agendas no matter if you’re in the office or on the go.

Smartsheet is an enterprise work execution platform that is fundamentally changing the way businesses and teams work. Over 74,000 brands and millions of information workers trust Smartsheet to help them accelerate business execution and address the volume and velocity of today's collaborative work.

The familiar Smartsheet interface that is designed for how people actually work leads to rapid and broad adoption across your organization. Use Smartsheet to gain real-time visibility into task lists and schedules, and then access and manage them from anywhere, at any time. Share schedules with internal and external team members, to improve collaboration and ensure that deadlines are met.

Try Smartsheet and discover how you can maximize your task management efforts, today. 


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