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15 Free Project Calendar Templates

by Kate Eby on Jul 23, 2019

In this article, you’ll find a wide range of pre-built project calendar and timeline templates — available in Excel, Word, Google Sheets, and PowerPoint formats — to help you schedule and manage your next project. For additional project management templates, check out this article

Included on this page, you will find a project timeline template, a project calendar template, a basic Gantt chart template, and many more helpful calendar and timeline templates for your next project.

When meetings end, the real work begins. Execute on projects with this template set.

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Project Timeline Template

This template is intended for the project planner who needs something more dynamic than a traditional, static project calendar. The simple, easy-to-use format displays key project tasks, start and end dates, task duration, and corresponding task bars that update with inevitable project changes. Customize taskbar colors to differentiate between roles, teams, or other categories in a visually organized way. 

Download Project Timeline Template

Excel | Google Sheets | PPT | Smartsheet

4-Week Project Timeline Template

4 Week Project Timeline Template

Save time when building out your next project plan (in either weekly or monthly increments) with this 4-week project timeline template. Add project tasks and due dates, assign roles, and track activity progress to promote team accountability and ensure your next project stays on schedule. 

Download 4-Week Project Timeline Template

Excel | Word

Project Schedule Template

Project Schedule Calendar Template

This customizable project scheduling template offers a multi-phase approach to help you develop a simple or advanced project plan. Add essential project notes, including information on scheduling, budgeting, resources, and project risks, to provide the visibility necessary to make critical and timely decisions. 

Download Project Schedule Template

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Project Calendar Template

Project Calendar Template

This project calendar template caters to the project manager who needs to see delegated project tasks, milestones, and key deadlines at a glance. Utilize the color-coded key at the bottom of the template to easily locate designated activities according to stakeholders. This template helps you track progress from start to finish.

Download Project Calendar Template

Excel | Word | PDF

Basic Gantt Chart Template

Plan out each phase of your next project using this pre-built Gantt chart template. Schedule out project tasks, subtasks, activity ownership, deadlines, completion status, and more. This Gantt chart provides a visual overview of both granular and high-level activity progress, which allows you to easily communicate critical project details to your team and stakeholders. 

Download Basic Gantt Chart Template

Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Advanced Gantt Chart Template

This advanced Gantt chart template captures all main project tasks and subtasks, due dates, actual completion dates, and deadline variances. There is also space to denote task ownership, progress status, task dependencies, and key project milestone details, and the task bars will update automatically as you make modifications. 

Download Advanced Gantt Chart Template - Google Sheets

IT Project Gantt Chart Template

This template is intended for the IT project manager who oversees the planning, role assigning, and scheduling of a company’s IT initiatives. Simply add project tasks, milestones, and key dates, and then color-code task bars according to task ownership. Task duration and corresponding task bars will update automatically according to the dates you input, providing a visual display of team progress and the project’s overall status. 

Download IT Project Gantt Chart Template - Google Sheets

Construction Project Timeline Template

Construction Project Timeline Template

This construction project timeline template comes pre-built with standard construction tasks, from demo prep to wrap-up. Easily modify project activities according to your needs, and then add start dates and end dates and watch as task duration and corresponding task bars populate automatically. This template provides project visibility at both high-level and task-level views.

Download Construction Project Timeline Template - Google Sheets

Scrum Project Management Gantt Chart Template

This customizable template is intended for project managers and Scrum masters and comes with a built-in burndown chart to ensure your next project stays on schedule. Use this template to help facilitate sprint planning, progress monitoring, and task ownership at both the main task and subtask levels. Duration and color-coded task bars will auto-populate as you enter key dates.

Download Scrum Project Management Gantt Chart Template - Google Sheets

Agile Project Plan Template

Specify the project deliverable, include a scope statement, and track overall progress with this Agile project plan template. This feature-based template allows your team to determine the priority of functionalities for development in current and upcoming iterations. This template also allows you to select role assignments, choose deadlines, and track activity status to ensure that your Agile project stays organized and delivers value to key stakeholders.

Download Agile Project Plan Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Annual Project Timeline Template

This annual timeline template provides a high-level view of key project events, activities, and milestones over the course of a year. Simply add activity dates and details to easily view upcoming events at a glance, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely completion of project deliverables.

Download Annual Project Timeline Template - Excel

Project Deadline Calendar Template

Project Deadline Calendar Template

This customizable project deadline calendar template is designed for the project planning professional in charge of delegating, scheduling, and tracking the overall progress of a basic or complex project. This template allows you to add project tasks, role assignments, and deadlines, and also make time-sensitive decisions at each phase of a project.

Download Project Deadline Calendar Template

Excel | Word

Monthly Marketing Calendar Template

2022 Monthly Marketing Calendar Template

Use this marketing calendar template to plan out multiple event-specific tasks on a month-by-month basis. This template enables you to assign activity roles and important dates, and also includes plenty of space for comments. Use the template to keep each marketing event organized and successful, from planning to completion. 

Download Excel Monthly Marketing Calendar Template — Excel

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Yearly Project Planning Calendar with Notes

2021 Yearly Calendar with Notes Templates

This yearly calendar template enables you to plan out multiple projects and events in a calendar format that is easy to scan and modify. With holidays already included, this calendar is ready for you to schedule out crucial project tasks, events, and due dates, and also includes additional space for notes. To see more monthly and yearly calendar options for download, check out these 15 free monthly calendar templates.

Download Excel Yearly Project Planning Calendar with Notes — Excel

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Weekly Project Planner Template with Notes

2021 Weekly Planner Template

This weekly project planner makes it easy for you to plan out project activities on a daily and weekly basis throughout the year. Simply add the planner start date at the top of the template; then add important tasks and notes to ensure that your team starts and completes project activities on schedule.

Download Excel Weekly Project Planner Template with Notes — Excel

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