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15 Free Monthly Calendar Templates

Smartsheet Contributor Kate Eby on Jan 09, 2018

Below you’ll find a variety of monthly calendar templates that are ready for free download, customization, and use in home, at the office, or in a school setting. Choose from professionally designed templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, and Google Docs. Options include printable calendars with landscape or portrait orientation, blank calendar grids, 12-month planners, a school calendar, and more.

Manage employee work schedules, plan workday projects, keep track of appointments and events, and organize your time effectively. Use a separate calendar for tracking birthdays, anniversaries, household tasks, and personal goals, or combine your personal and professional responsibilities into one detailed planner. Using a monthly calendar can help reduce stress because it helps you plan ahead and consolidate important information in one place.


12-Month Calendar Templates

12-Month Calendar Template - Excel

Plan ahead with this monthly calendar. Each month provides ample space for adding events, so you can create detailed weekly, monthly, and annual plans. This versatile template could be used in business settings or by families, individuals, and students for getting organized, setting goals, and using time effectively. This calendar shows dates and holidays, and includes room for writing important notes. Keep track of events, birthdays, work deadlines, and more with this template.

12 Month Calendar for 2022 Template


Download 12-Month Calendar Template

2021 | 2022


Monthly Calendar Template with Notes - Excel


Get a blank monthly calendar including all 12 months with additional room to add notes and important reminders. Add your own dates, or leave the calendar blank to use it as a flexible weekly, monthly, and yearly planner.

Download Monthly Calendar Template with Notes - Excel


Two-Month Calendar Template

2022 2 Month Calendar Template

This calendar shows two months per page and can be printed on a variety of paper sizes. Print the entire year or select only the months that you need for planning a business project, school schedule, personal vacation, or other event. Dates and holidays are included.

Download Two-Month Calendar for 2021 Template

Word | PDF

Download Two-Month Calendar for 2022 Template

Word | PDF


Photo Calendar Template

2022 Photo Calendar Template

Insert your own photos to create a personalized vertical calendar. This would work well as a family gift, a way to showcase workplace images, or as part of a school project for students. Keep track of important dates while enjoying photos, artwork, or other images.

Download Photo Calendar for 2021 Template

Excel | Word | PDF

Download Photo Calendar for 2022 Template

Excel | Word | PDF

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One-Month Calendar Templates

January Calendar - Excel

January 2022 Calendar Template

This template shows January dates and holidays in a traditional calendar format. There is also a section at the bottom of the calendar for adding notes. The template offers a basic format for use at home, work, or school.

Download January Calendar

2021 | 2022


Blank Monthly Calendar


If you need a blank calendar grid, this template provides a single month with only weekdays labeled, starting with Sunday. Since you can use the calendar for any month or year, it offers flexibility and simple design. This blank monthly calendar is also printable in Microsoft Word format.

Download Blank Monthly Calendar 

Word | PDF


Blank One-Month Calendar, Starting with Monday


Blank One Month Calendar Starting with Monday Template

This printable one-month calendar is also blank, like the grid shown above in the blank monthly calendar, but starts each week with Monday. The template has a landscape orientation and is ready to print, either before or after adding your events, appointments, or other information. Use the blank one-month calendar for 2021 and beyond.

Download Blank One-Month Calendar, Starting with Monday

Excel | Word | PDF


Printable Monthly Calendar, Landscape

2022 Printable Monthly Calendar Landscape Template

Print a single month or up to an entire year with this PDF calendar. The template shows a  landscape orientation and basic formatting for a traditional layout. You can use this calendar on your desktop or create a printed version to use at the office.

Download Printable Monthly Calendar for 2021, Landscape

Excel | PDF

Download Printable Monthly Calendar for 2022, Landscape

Excel | PDF

Printable Monthly Calendar, Portrait

2022 Printable Monthly Calendar Portrait Template

This monthly calendar provides a portrait orientation for  printing on letter-sized paper without having to adjust printer settings. Print any single month from January to December, or create an annual calendar with all 12 months.

Download Printable Monthly Calendar for 2021, Portrait

Excel  | PDF

Download Printable Monthly Calendar for 2022, Portrait

Excel  | PDF


Business and School Calendars

Monthly Marketing Calendar Template

2022 Monthly Marketing Calendar Template

This simple marketing calendar is designed for monthly and yearly planning. Each sheet in the Excel template shows a single month along with sections for planning and tracking marketing campaign tasks. Keep track of event dates, action items, task owners, and deadlines.

Download Monthly Marketing Calendar Template

2021 | 2022

Monthly Planner Template - Google Sheets

2021 Monthly Planner Template

Save this monthly planner template to your Google Drive or print it as a PDF file. The planner features each month of the year on a separate sheet with a horizontal layout. Use the planner as a personal organizer, to create a work schedule, keep track of important events, and more.

Open 2021 Monthly Planner Template - Google Sheets

Open 2022 Monthly Planner Template - Google Sheets


Monthly Calendar of Events Template

2022 Monthly Calendar of Events Template

This events calendar provides a unique vertical layout, showing an entire year along with a separate column for listing events or adding notes. These calendar templates include dates and holidays for each month, and are used to plan and keep track of weekly, monthly, and annual events.

Download Monthly Calendar of Events  for 2021 Template

Excel | PDF

Download Monthly Calendar of Events  for 2022 Template

Excel | PDF


Monthly Work Shift Calendar - Excel

Monthly Shift Work Calendar 2022

Create a monthly work calendar using colors to highlight different shifts. This calendar provides a simple overview of a shift schedule for each week and month, and allows you to create a plan for an entire year. You can also keep track of holidays, vacation days, and other off key days relevant to your business.

Download Monthly Work Shift Calendar 

2021 | 2022


Monthly School Calendar Template

2022 Monthly School Calendar Template

This school calendar is designed for students, teachers, and families who need to track assignments, school events, or other plans. The sheet includes the typical months in an academic year, running from August through June with each month shown on a separate sheet. The template features a traditional calendar layout with room for notes at the bottom.


‌Open Monthly School 2020-2021 Calendar Template

Excel | Google Sheets

‌Open Monthly School 2021-2022 Calendar Template

Excel | Google Sheets

‌Open Monthly School 2022-2023 Calendar Template

Excel | Google Sheets


Create a Custom Monthly Calendar in Smartsheet

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