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Participant: Community Created Template Showcase

We're thrilled to bring you the Community Created Template Showcase

A unique opportunity to show off your ingenuity and creativity as a Smartsheet user!


We're on the lookout for exceptional solutions!

A meaningful, well-designed, and powerful solution leverages core Smartsheet capabilities to help other users tackle some of work's toughest challenges. We plan to recognize three winners and spotlight a select group of runners-up. 

Participate by submitting your favorite solution! 

Read on for submission requirements, guidelines, recommendations, prizes, and the submission intake form. If you're headed to ENGAGE'23, be sure to stop by the "Create & Manage Solutions" booth to talk to the showcase organizers and learn how to standout!

Submission requirements


Your Solution

Smartsheet templates are designed to help users improve how work is planned, managed, and visualized. Your template should be a simple, but powerful collection of assets that are easy to get started with. 

    Your solution should: 

    • Be created using core Smartsheet capabilities 
    • Include at least one sheet, report, and dashboard
    • Have a few rows of sample data
    • Be free of any personal or company information
    • Thoughtfully designed for all skill levels of users

    We’re excited to see what you come up with!


    grid view product screen sheet

    Your template should include at least one sheet.

    A well-designed sheet plays a critical role in helping you plan and manage your work. Sheets are the foundation of work, and where all of your data lives. The default sheet view is the familiar-looking grid, which you can easily customize with multiple column types, hierarchies, attachments, collaborative communication, and more. Other views, like Gantt and Card, can be used to enhance how your data is managed. 

    • Consider adding conditional formatting rules, leveraging hierarchy, and showing off formulas. 
    • Add filters and configure multiple views to create more ways to interact with your sheet

    Learn more



    report sheets visibility

    Your template should include at least one report. 

    A super-tool for saving time, reports are great for helping you look across your work to quickly identify need-to-know information – like at risk tasks, or items over budget. 

    • Grouping and summary can be used to enhance how information is filtered and more quickly understood
    • Consider using grouped and summarized reports to power the charts on your dashboard

    Learn more

    icon engage dashboard


    Your template should include at least one dashboard. 

    Dashboards are the visual layer of your work in Smartsheet. They help you summarize and share important aspects, such as project status or key performance indicators (KPIs), in a single place. They also help you stay organized by providing a central location for commonly used resources, like documents, links to frequently visited websites, and collections of sheets or reports.

    • Consider using data from your sheets or reports to power metric and chart widgets
    • Design a beautiful dashboard, or use one of our suggested dashboard themes, to create a delightful experience for your stakeholders

    Learn more

    Sample Data

    Your template should include a few rows of sample data. 

    We want to see facets of your solution in action! Adding a few rows of sample data will make sure features like conditional formatting rules, report filters, grouping, and summary, and metric and chart widgets populate. 

    • Consider adding enough sample data to cover your dropdown column values, drive formulas, and populate date ranges
    • Please include enough sample data to power your solution's visualizations
    • Make sure your sample data is generic and appropriate for all audiences

    Sensitive Data

    Your template should be free of personal or company related information. 

    As your solution may be published as a template in the new Template Gallery, it is important that any sample data does not include your personal or company related information. 

    • Double check feature areas, like comments, attachments, automations, and forms, for any sensitive information you do not want shared
    • Please do not use real contacts in contact columns

    Showcase timeline

    Participant: Community Created Template Showcase

    Need a recommendation? Consider these solution categories!

    Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

    Marketing & Creative Management

    Strategic Transformation

    WorkApps product screen

    Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

    Project & Portfolio Management combines best-in-class user experience with a portfolio approach to collaborative work management at scale. These solution's connect the dots between strategy and execution by using real-time data analytics and intuitive portfolio reporting around strategic alignment, resource allocation, project delivery, and business outcomes.

    Key use cases include Business PMO, New Product Development, Capital Projects, Services Delivery, and IT Portfolio Management. 

    Marketing & Creative Management

    Smartsheet empowers organizations with a single platform to manage marketing and creative work, content, and people to deliver better customer experiences at scale. Marketing teams can create the processes, workflows, and insights needed to move faster with confidence, reduce inefficiencies, and improve the ROI of marketing activities.

    Key use cases include Creative Operations, Product Launches, Campaign Management, Event Management, and Agency Management. 


    Automation Notifications Product Screen

    Strategic Transformation

    The implementation of large, cross-functional projects or programs to support strategic priorities, enterprise-wide efficiencies, or a change in business strategy. Strategic transformation often involves collaboration throughout the entire organization, and aligning work across internal and external people, processes, and technology.

    Key use cases include EPMO & Strategic Program ManagementMerger and Acquisition, and Business Transformation


    Last year's winners

    Aaron Manley

    Quantity-based Earned Value Template

    Created by Aaron Manley and Tanner Owens, Engineer III at Williams

    “Now, using our new Smartsheet template, we have a much more accurate view of what was actually accomplished in a day or week for a given construction project because we’re tracking based on quantity. We get accurate reporting on our physical progress instead of having to go through and update a bunch of lines on a spreadsheet to update a schedule.” - Tanner Owens, Construction Engineer III

    Download TemplateRead William's Story

    Sparkle Grueso

    Team Travel Management Template

    Created by Sparkle Grueso, Director, Program and Project Management, Sodexo

    “With our Smartsheet Team Travel Management solution, we have removed the manual, administrative work required to manage the travel request process throughout the team. Each person using this solution probably saves at least 30 minutes each week because there’s no more need to draft emails and wait for approval responses.”

    Download TemplateRead Sodexo's Story

    Melanie Corbin

    Team PTO & Absence Management Template

    Created by Melanie Corbin, Senior Supervisor of Business Operations at MedPOINT Management

    “We have gained a complete picture of what’s going on internally—it has become very easy to spot team shortages for a particular project.”

    Download TemplateRead MedPOINT Management's Story

    Julie Silverio

    Individual Task Management Template

    Created by Julie Silverio, Senior Manager of Program Leadership at Xencor

    “I can easily filter at-risk tasks, prioritize and visualize my progress which has saved around 10% of my day.”

    Download Template Read Xencor's Story

    Tomasz Kowalski

    Pop Quiz Template

    Created by Tomasz Kowalski, Senior Project Manager at Delivery Hero

    “It was such a success in our department that it has been replicated in others and used to entertain & integrate employees.”

    Download TemplateRead Delivery Hero's Story

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