Smartsheet Overachievers are an elite group of Smartsheet customers who have a passion for achieving the seemingly impossible and for empowering others to join them in the endeavor.

Smartsheet Overachievers are not only product experts; they are the innovators, the changemakers, and the Can-Doers. 



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Program goals

Icon Trophy OA

Recognize and connect our most passionate Smartsheet ambassadors

Icon Megaphone OA

Give a platform and voice to our Smartsheet Overachievers, empowering them to innovate and connect with other Can-Doers

Icon Growth OA

Appreciate those who make the Smartsheet Community a place to share, learn and build relationships

Overachiever Benefits

Icon Collaborate V1

Attend monthly meetups and learn from other power users from around the world

Icon Certificate OA

A custom Smartsheet Community profile and badge(s)

Icon Feedback OA

Give direct feedback to our teams and influence the product

Icon Social OA

Smartsheet Overachiever recognition on our social channels, website, Community platform and more

Icon Event OA

Exclusive invites to events

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Unique members-only Smartsheet swag




Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of activities qualify me to become an Overachiever?

Visit our Smartsheet Overachievers Point System Page to learn more. 


Is the program open globally?


What is the duration of my Overachiever membership?

Membership in the Smartsheet Overachievers group begins on the cohort’s announcement date and is valid for two years.

How frequently do applications open up?


How many total members are selected?

A maximum of 20 customers will be invited into the program. Each year, half the class graduates to our Alumni program, and 10 new members are inducted.

Am I able to see how my points rank amongst other applicants?

We do not currently have a publicly-visible points tracker.

Celebrate our grads!

Smartsheet Overachievers class of 2023
Smartsheet overachievers class of 2023

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