Smartsheet Overachievers Point System

Each activity in the Overachievers program will be worth points, which will be earned during a predefined period of time and may support your application.

All activities and points will be tracked via our Smartsheet Community. If you are not already a member, be sure to head over and sign up to start earning your points! 

Join the Smartsheet Community

Early Adopter Program member

1000 Points

The Early Adopter Program enables customers to test the newest features from Smartsheet before they are generally released. Features in the program are just about production ready, but may need some extra validation and stress testing before general release. As such, customer testing and feedback is highly valued, but never directly solicited.

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Written customer testimonial / case study

5000 Points

Share your written customer testimonial or use case with our customer stories team and have it shared with our Smartsheet Community. 

To share your written story, please reach out to

Video customer testimonial / case study

10000 Points

Share a video customer testimonial or use case with our customer stories team and have it shared with our Smartsheet Community. 

To learn more about creating a video customer testimonial, please reach out to

Mobilizer Program member

1000 Points

The Mobilizer Program equips Smartsheet power users with the resources they need to effectively share Smartsheet across their organizations, with their peers, and with business and IT leadership.

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Host Mobilizer Lunch 'N Learn

2500 Points

We believe Lunch n' Learns are the most effective way for you to mobilize a team and get the word out about Smartsheet. We'll even provide you with up to $200 of swag each year to help you promote the event! We've curated great resources (like a customizable deck) that you can use to share the impact of Smartsheet with others.

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Share your use case on a webinar

5000 Points

The Work Smart webinar program runs free bi-monthly product webinars to educate Smartsheet users about new features and capabilities, best practices, and use case examples. Users can register for upcoming events as well as view recordings of previous events at

To learn more please reach out to

Host a local user group

7500 Points

Host a local user group in your area. These are hosted by customers and are a great opportunity for customers to amplify their brand to other local companies and learn from others about Smartsheet use cases and best practices.

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Attend a local user group

1000 Points

Join a local user group in your area and make connections with others in your industry, share best practices, and help brainstorm topics for future user group events.

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Share your use case at a local user group

5000 Points

Come speak at a local user group! This is a great way for customers to connect with other local companies and share their success not only within the Smartsheet community, but with others within their own organization.

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Smartsheet Overachievers Badge

Overachiever member

1500 Points

Smartsheet Overachievers are an elite group of Smartsheet customers who have a passion for achieving the seemingly impossible and for empowering others to join them in the endeavor. This badge means the Can-Doer is an active member of the group.

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Community group manager (minimum 6 months)

5000 Points

Help co-own one of our community groups. This entails working directly with our Smartsheet experts and group owners to share out content, engage with fellow customers, and help add value to an existing group within our community.

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Top Contributor Community Badge (Annual)

Top Contributor

100 Points

Top Contributor badge is annually awarded to a small group of individuals who showed up in the Smartsheet Community day in and day out. They are recognized for their quality solutions, genuine conversations, and for helping others achieve. In short, they rock.

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