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Smartsheet vs Asana

Discover why Smartsheet outshines Asana in delivering exceptional project management capabilities, seamless collaboration, and unmatched scalability.



Feeling bound by Asana? Get more flexibility with Smartsheet.

Smartsheet is the top-rated work platform that lets you hit the ground running, with fewer limits, from day one.


Smartsheet is #1 in Project Collaboration

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See how Smartsheet compares to other project and task management vendors like AirtableAsanamonday.comMS Project, and Trello in the latest G2 Grid® report.

✔ 92% of enterprise users rated Smartsheet 4 or 5 stars

✔ Smartsheet has a satisfaction score of 89% vs. only 78% for Asana

✔ Smartsheet has the flexibility to start small and grow to meet the complexities of enterprise work while Asana is suited primarily to smaller businesses


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Why choose Smartsheet over Asana?

You need project management software that grows with you and can adapt to your ever-changing business needs and processes. See the full comparison below.


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Smartsheet gives you free internal and external collaborators who can edit and contribute to sheet data, eliminating silos and bringing teams together with control.

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Easier collaboration

Most internal collaboration in Asana requires a paid license.

Protect your organization’s data using powerful security and data governance controls to manage risk and maintain compliance.

24/7 around the clock support

Enterprise security and governance

Asana has some basic security but lacks enterprise grade administration and governance.

Smartsheet can support processes from simple project management to enterprise-level portfolio planning and will partner with you to ensure success.

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Complex project management

Asana can support simple project management but lacks the flexibility and advanced capabilities to connect projects across an organization.

Portfolio reporting with Smartsheet is automated and has options to create tailored experiences.


Advanced portfolio management

Portfolio management in Asana is increasingly time-intensive as your solution grows due to the rigid reporting structure and dashboard limits. 

With Smartsheet, confidently give an overview for clients and leaders without giving access to potentially confidential information.

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Safer sharing

Asana has insufficient options for dynamic and safe sharing of project data.

I am willing to forego some of the visual design benefits of Asana, for instance, in favor of the superior useability and flexibility of Smartsheet.

Luke M., Artist, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.), 5 stars on G2



Award-winning work management software

4.5 stars


Based on 4,600+ reviews


Smartsheet has powerful project management features to help you achieve more

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Keep project plans & schedules on track

Standardize key project elements, increase velocity, and improve collaboration with scalable options that fit individual work preferences.

Executive Center

Dynamic portfolio management

Manage projects, portfolios, and resources with a holistic view across your business to increase flexibility and agility — and deliver value fast.


Accelerate program planning & delivery

Empower your teams to execute together with speed and accountability, driving to successful outcomes, faster.

Activity Log

Unlock real-time visibility for everyone

Enhance reporting with rich, real-time metrics, elevate program visibility with rollups that summarize progress across projects, and increase stakeholder confidence with up-to-date information.


Automate repetitive processes

Optimize work at scale by automating routine, manual tasks, so your people have the freedom to focus on the work that matters most.

Gantt view

Visualize your projects with Gantt charts

Stick to deadlines by setting up a Gantt chart with dependencies and predecessors creating a critical path that helps you track your most important project tasks.

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Project tracking & rollup dashboard

Creative operations & campaign management

Project portfolio management (PPM)

Construction & facilities management

Smartsheet integrates with the systems you already use

Smartsheet integrates with most enterprise systems and apps right from day one, bringing together people, processes, and technology to give everyone the real-time insights they need to innovate and execute dynamically.




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