Create and Share Gantt Charts Online

Show off your project plans with Smartsheet’s interactive Gantt chart software.

Smartsheet’s online project management tool takes the best power-features of project planning software like MS Project, marries it with the ease of use of an online spreadsheet, and then layers in team collaboration and time-saving automation features. It’s the easiest way to visualize your project!

Online Gantt chart software, seamless, easy to use

Seamless, Easy to Use

Sign in with your Google account info and you’ll instantly be collaborating on project tasks, files & discussions. You can import/export between Google Spreadsheet and Smartsheet and turn your spreadsheet into a super-powered project.

Simple drag and drop Gantt charts

Simple Drag and Drop Gantt Charts

Gantt chart software has never been so interactive and easy to change (even for those who’ve never created a Gantt before!). Drag and drop to adjust start or end date milestones, or to build dependencies between tasks. If you can click a mouse or tap a screen, you can adjust your Gantt charts. You can also use the “% Complete” bar to know where your project stands at a glance.

Online Gantt chart software, schedule projects, get real-time updates

Schedule Projects, Get Real-Time Updates

Share the project with your team and collaborate online in real-time. Because Smartsheet’s collaboration model makes it easy for others to participate, you won’t have to worry about being the bottleneck for updating the project milestones. Get your team involved in updating their tasks directly in the project management tool, and set reminders to be alerted whenever changes are made.

Let your Gantt chart do the work

Let Your Gantt Chart Do the Work

Not only are Gantt charts easy to build in Smartsheet, they look good too. Your Gantt charts will instantly tell a compelling visual story. When you assign team members to work on tasks, add a rule with Smartsheet’s conditional formatting capability to show their task bars in the same color (e.g. All of Ted’s task bars are BLUE). Or, show status levels in different colors (e.g. “All at-risk tasks are RED). No more worrying if you caught everything or if everything’s on schedule.

Schedule and manage projects your way with Smartsheet's online Gantt chart software

Schedule and Manage Projects Your Way

Smartsheet is online, 100% web-based...meaning you can use it with MacOS, Linux, Windows, and on your laptop, your Android smartphone, your iPad.

Plus, you can edit projects online however you like: Adjust timelines and define milestones in the familiar spreadsheet-like grid format and switch to the Gantt view for status meetings. Draw dependencies and reschedule tasks in the Gantt chart, and view in the Calendar. Smartsheet puts you in the driver’s seat.

Share your project Gantt with others -- Fast

Share Your Project Gantt With Others -- Fast

With Smartsheet’s online Gantt chart software solution, you can set your project sheet to automatically be sent to your team on a recurring basis (say every week), or you can:

  • Embed in a PPT for your next status meeting.
  • Print in full color. The new color palette makes for great looking charts!
  • Export as a PNG or PDF and attach to an email.
Easy to start online Gantt chart software

It’s Easy to Get Started

Whether you import an existing Project file, customize one of the many templates in our Template Gallery, or start from scratch, you’ll have a visual project in no time.