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Bring effectiveness, compliance, and visibility to your programs.

In this highly regulated environment, securely sharing protected health information, improving workflows, and scaling repetitive processes are critical for success.

  • Manage clinical trials and tests

    Create a standard process for your trial management and testing procedures. Easily and efficiently organize contracts, timelines, and results.

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  • Organize healthcare provider credentials

    Securely track and manage physician certifications and licenses, ensuring that your organization’s physician’s credentials and insurance information are up-to-date.

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  • Open new clinics

    Improve visibility into the construction and management of new clinics. Easily communicate project status and outstanding items across teams.

  • Hospital team onboarding and offboarding

    Streamline your onboarding process to more quickly and effectively onboard and offboard employees.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Accelerate target and predeal evaluations, and streamline due diligence while managing multiple workstreams.

  • Hospital IT PMO

    Securely solve business challenges fast with proven solutions that provide clear program visibility, provide instant business value, and manage data confidentially.