Smartsheet Live App for Quip

  • Smartsheet Live App for Quip

    Organizations need a way to get work done. Smartsheet is the best way to plan, track, automate, and report on work, enabling you to move from idea to impact - fast. With the Smartsheet Live App for Quip companies can manage unstructured conversations and structured work in the same document. Let’s look at an example. This sales team uses Quip as they first engage with a customer. They take notes, assign action items, and collaborate with other stakeholders to design solutions. The team identifies the ideal solution and the customer makes a purchase. With all of their notes and comments in Quip, sales can easily share this information. The implementation team uses Smartsheet to jointly manage deliverables and ownership with the customer and track status. They embed these items into the Quip doc, providing the sales team with real time visibility into the implementation and enabling ongoing discussions around changes. Updates are made directly in Quip, so both teams stay aligned and deliver a fantastic customer experience. Start managing unstructured conversations and structured work with the Smartsheet Live App for Quip today!

Teams use Quip to have conversations and collaborate on ideas. Once brainstorming is over and the team aligns on an action plan, they need to document and execute against their plan, and report on their progress. The Smartsheet Live App for Quip allows teams to put context around conversations directly into Quip documents with embedded Smartsheet  dashboards or sheets, so they can move from idea to impact - fast.

Key Features:

  • Embed dashboards and sheets within Quip - Get visibility into your team’s work as it happens.
  • Publish Smartsheet Documents to Quip - Make documents “view-only” or allow others to make edits in real-time.
  • Edit Smartsheet Documents without leaving Quip - Update sheets, Kanban cards, Calendars, or Gantt Charts so everyone has the latest information.

Hub for Collaboration

All conversations are captured in one place so teams can share ideas, discuss options, and turn discussions into action plans. The Smartsheet Live App for Quip provides structure and context around collaboration, enabling team members to make decisions quickly.

Enhance Visibility for Teams

Speed up decision making and react quickly to changing conditions by providing teams real-time visibility into work status directly in Quip. Not only can teams capture their discussions and create work plans in the same space, but they can also leverage Smartsheet dashboards to quickly understand visually how their projects are tracking.

How to Get the Integration

The Smartsheet Live App for Quip is available to all Quip and Smartsheet customers at no additional charge.  Get it here.

Both products have free trials available to help you better understand the experience and benefits: