Smartsheet Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshops by Smartsheet Professional Services are engineered to help you develop the right business strategy to unlock dynamic work across your organization. 




Discovery Workshops are designed to help you define your business objectives, identify opportunities, bottlenecks, and discover new ways of working more efficiently and collaboratively using the Smartsheet platform for modern work management. 

With an onsite option or flexible virtual option, our consulting teams will engage in a two-day workshop in partnership with your team.  During the workshop, our experts will develop key insights about your business processes and workflows in Smartsheet in order to analyze and identify optimization opportunities. At the end of the workshop, you will be presented with key observations and best practice solution recommendations.

Workshop in practice


  • Conduct preparation for discovery and planning onsite.
  • Develop an agenda for discovery and planning onsite.
  • Conduct in-person kickoff meeting onsite. 
  • Collect and review key documentation (organization charts, process flows, and other relevant documentation) in order to facilitate a gaps analysis.
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews.
  • Identify user roles and workflow.
  • Identify the input/data required to accomplish workflow.
  • Identify the output/status/reporting requirements.
  • Identify objectives and pain points.


  • Document learnings from discovery.
  • Develop a recommended future state process diagram and solution architecture based on observations.
  • Develop a proposed project structure and delivery schedule.
  • Draft SOW outlining recommended future-state solution architecture and project structure.
  • Prepare presentation on recommended solution architecture for customer leadership.
  • Present recommended solution architecture and SOW to customer leadership.

Example deliverables

  • Observations and recommendations presentation, outlining the activities and observations achieved during the workshop.
  • Future-state solution architecture recommendation.
  • Current-state and future state process maps and gap analysis.
  • Phase 2 Statement of Work. 
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