How Leading Marketers Increase Program Impact With Smartsheet

by Renee Coulombe

Leading marketers count on the Smartsheet work execution platform to strategically plan, report on programs, and coordinate vendors and teams to increase the business impact of their marketing programs.

Discover how marketing experts from Fortune Brands, IQVIA, and Southeastern Grocers are using Smartsheet to align communications, automate budget management, and share insights with leadership.

Fortune Brands Home & Security

With a workforce size of around 23,000 associates, Fortune Brands Home & Security’s corporate communications team needed a solution to help centralize content processes across internal and external channels.

By leveraging Smartsheet, they were able to create a customized corporate communications calendar and easily deploy it across the business, helping them get a clear picture of internal and external content.

“Our calendar is really the lifeline to making decisions and strategically placing content across the organization.”

Erin Libardoni

Corporate Communications Manager, Fortune Brands

Smartsheet helped Fortune Brands Home & Security raise the bar on communications across the business, so they could take complete control of their content and allow ideas to move quickly to create impact.


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The IQVIA Strategy, Marketing, and Communications department needed to help streamline insights for leadership on all global marketing activities and marketing channels.

Dashboards in Smartsheet have helped give leadership the ability to see budgets, employee and vendor allocation, and key project status in real time. Smartsheet has helped them save hours of time spent on manual work processes by identifying repeatable tasks that can be reduced through templates and sheet roll-up reporting.

“Dashboards have completely taken things to a different level… helping leadership see our key priorities and any projects that are at risk.”

Robin Allen

MarCom Operations Manager, IQVIA

Smartsheet has enabled IQVIA to centralize key information, help improve communication across the organization, and has become a launch point for real-time decision making.  


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Southeastern Grocers

Southeastern Grocers (SEG) is the fifth-largest grocery chain in the United States with four multilevel brands. SEG’s marketing team was tasked with managing over 90, 20-week projects each requiring up to 10 weeks of planning. With 15-20 projects running at any given time, they needed a platform that simplified their marketing project planning and collaboration.

Smartsheet streamlined their marketing department’s creative brief intake and gave them a shared workspace for project collaborators to build out campaigns.  

“Smartsheet has enabled us to become project managers and really rise to this task.”

Jessie Doel

Marketing Partnerships, Southeastern Grocers

Now with Smartsheet, SEG has a single source of truth allowing for increased stakeholder accountability and real-time project visibility.  

Accelerate Marketing Collaboration

From improved collaboration between internal and external stakeholders to increased project visibility, Smartsheet helps marketing professionals capture ideas and drive results. Watch the full panel discussion from ENGAGE’18 to hear how Fortune Brands, IQVIA, and Southeastern Grocers are using Smartsheet to optimize marketing processes: