Easily collect, assign, and act on requests with forms and automation

by Anna Mkrtchyan

Smartsheet forms provide an easy way to intake information from teammates, customers, or anyone else. Collect exactly the data you need by flagging required fields, dynamically asking questions based on other form responses, and designing your form to align with your company brand. 

Once you’ve created and shared a form, you can sit back and wait for responses, requests, and RSVPs to arrive. 

If you’ve already created a form for your process, you may also realize that you have new tasks to complete — reviewing new submissions, assigning requests, and communicating with requestors. Smartsheet can take care of this manual work with these four simple workflows:


1. Get notified when someone completes your form

Collaborators can use your form to submit requests at any time. Rather than constantly checking your sheet for new submissions, receive alerts as new requests trickle in. 


2. Inform requesters of changes to their ticket

We’ve all been there — you submit a request, ticket, or RSVP, and realize you don’t know who to turn to with questions or status updates. Don’t keep your stakeholders in the dark. Instead, use automated alerts to inform requesters when their requests are assigned, statuses are updated, and tickets are closed. 


Tip: Add a Contact List column to your sheet to collect requester email addresses.


3. Remind task owners and requesters of upcoming due dates

Send reminders to the right people, at the right time. Customize reminders to send to the contact assigned to the request, based on a date column in your sheet.


Tip: You can further customize the workflow to only send alerts for tasks where the status is not “complete”, and set the trigger to 1 day before the deadline. Select Request an Update action to ask for updates instead of only sending an alert.


4. Automatically assign people to incoming requests

Spend less time manually assigning work and notifying your team of new tasks. Instead, use the Assign People workflow to let Smartsheet assign requests as they arrive.

Tip: Add conditions to assign different teammates to tasks based on request type. 


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