A celebration of human achievement

by Anna Griffin

When I started as CMO of Smartsheet, it quickly became clear to me that our customers are what makes Smartsheet so special: the solutions they develop, the organizations they empower, and the incredible achievements they make real with our platform. Our customers inspire us daily — so much so that we created our new advertising campaign to celebrate them.

Sharing our campaign with you at our Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference keynote this fall, I promised that we will be your biggest cheerleaders, recognizing your achievements as you focus on the important work you need to do. 

Our customers asked us to raise awareness, so more people in their organizations could know and understand the power of Smartsheet. I’ve been humbled and amazed by the reaction to our campaign launch. We were all delighted when at our Executive Q&A at ENGAGE, Smartsheet customer Nicole Tellez stood up in front of more than 4,000 people to tell us “good job” on our Smartsheet TV commercial. 

She said, “When I arrived here Sunday night and put CNN on my TV in the hotel, I was so excited to see a Smartsheet commercial on. I am a huge Smartsheet champion and often get asked if I work for Smartsheet — at my own company. And so many people either haven’t heard of it or don’t know of it, and so to see that commercial I was like yes, see, it does exist!” 

It’s not often customers thank a company for running an advertising campaign. I was so happy to know that Nicole and other customers shared my excitement for sharing their stories in the market and broadening awareness for Smartsheet.

In fact, we’ve had dozens of requests from customers who want to be able to share our campaign stories directly with their teams and coworkers. So we’ve created your library of #CanDo. From our national TV ads and radio spots, to stories of customers like you who are defining an organization or an entire industry, to inspiration from some of the most accomplished achievers around, we’ve pulled together content that celebrates human achievement and shows what’s possible when we work as one.

Please feel free to share any and all of these stories with your network, and mention @Smartsheet so we can acknowledge you and the work you do. We’re here to champion your success, and love to amplify your achievements. This is only the beginning.

To explore our collection of content that celebrates human achievement, visit your library of #CanDo.