How Smartsheet Complements Work-Life Integration

by Stephen Danos

Many powerful business leaders no longer leave their work at the office. Instead, they’ve intentionally embraced work-life integration over work-life balance, and expect their employees to follow suit.

Work-life integration is a more harmonious approach, entwining career and personal activities so that professionals can make decisions wherever they are in order to execute on business objectives. Basically, if you are productive, excited, and joyous at work, the thought is you will bring that home with you, and vice versa.

For those who embrace work-life integration, here are some tips and tools that free you up to move faster on higher impact work throughout your day.


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Do More Than Answering Emails

In a recent article, Business Insider interviewed a few executives about work-life integration. One example they cite is a CMO who sifts through and responds to work emails when her son is subbed out during soccer games.

While you may sometimes need to compose emails during your personal time, you might be more effective using a work execution platform that helps you make lightning-fast approvals, request status updates, respond to notifications, and connect with executive dashboards to see real-time metrics — all from your mobile device.


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Using Smartsheet reduces your dependency on email. Instead, you can comment directly on rows (from most locations with whatever device you have on hand) and view work as soon as it’s submitted for approval.  

Smartsheet applications for desktop and mobile enable workers in all industries to have real-time visibility into the progress of projects and action items. The flexibility to view key performance indicators (KPIs) and information via mobile device empowers you to make better decisions, faster — based on internally validated metrics.

Embrace Automated Workflows

At some companies, executives advocate for employees to adopt a work-life integration mindset. If that’s the case, employees who work hard and provide value to your company, regardless of its size, must feel empowered to integrate their personal lives into the workday.

Since automation reduces the amount of time employees must spend on repetitive, manual tasks, embracing automation as an organization can free up time for employees to run quick personal errands, take part in self-care activities, or leave work early to spend time with family.


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Automating workflows — such as approvals, status update requests, and reminders —  can help reduce the volume of meetings or time spent tracking down coworkers for information. As a result, a work execution platform with automated actions, such as Smartsheet, can give you more time to spend outside of the office. Once notifications are set up, leaders and employees receive notifications when a task owner comments on or updates a row.

Instead of scrambling to write and shoot off an email in the middle of your workout or during family time, you can use that time to respond directly to incoming requests outside of email, whether you prefer Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google’s Hangouts Chat, via the Smartsheet mobile app.

Execute Using Global Collaboration

Businesses must move faster to keep up with increasing customer demand. This means teams must collaborate on a global scale, so you might need to be available outside of your region’s business hours. If your team is based in San Francisco and China, then you’re likely going to be on conference calls or approving metrics outside of local office hours.

Beyond collaboration, Smartsheet customers can gain access to integrations with cloud software services from Google and Microsoft and ready-made templates. So whether you need to track sales pipelines or expense reports, Smartsheet offers an ecosystem of solutions.


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