3 ways to securely automate government agency project consistency and visibility at scale

by Kristin Flandreau

(Editor’s note: Federal and government agencies face a number of challenges in meeting the needs of constituents and achieving objectives — from shrinking resources to complex initiatives and more. Smartsheet Gov Control Center can help agencies overcome these challenges, driving innovation and achievement. In this article, our Director of Product Marketing Kristin Flandreau shares how government leaders can drive project consistency and visibility, at scale, using Smartsheet Gov Control Center.)

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digital transformation efforts across federal and local government agencies, they need a way to successfully adapt and keep pace with changing conditions. One way to manage this dynamic work is by adopting a secure, reliable platform that allows them to drive consistent execution, automate reporting, and reduce operational risk — at scale.

Now FedRAMP authorized and available to purchase, Smartsheet Gov Control Center meets those needs. With Smartsheet Gov Control Center, government leaders can manage intake, approval, execution, change, and archive requests at scale from a centralized project management organization, report across a project portfolio using consistent reports and dashboards to drive visibility, and confidently deploy and scale initiatives in a secure, consistent, and compliant way.

And during a time when the need for flexibility has never been greater, with Smartsheet Gov Control Center, federal government workers gain the freedom to work the way they want, while agency leaders maintain control to manage risks, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity, accelerating innovation and mission achievement.

A Smartsheet dashboard illustrates the status of deliverables and details on a portfolio view, including a project count of 271, a green status on health of the project, and a 94% YTD spend vs budget

Here are three areas in which agencies can leverage Smartsheet Gov Control Center to drive structure and consistency, visibility, and compliance — at scale — throughout their efforts:

1. Operations

From new construction to facilities management, Smartsheet Gov helps improve planning, streamline operations, and accelerate mission results.

With Smartsheet Gov Control Center, agencies can consistently drive programmatic efforts to build new facilities or manage existing ones by setting up a project in Control Center only once. They can then replicate the project in Control Center, using it as a foundation to roll out new projects.

Workback schedules, construction timelines, inspection processes, and reporting all maintain the same attributes, driving consistency and streamlining every new project from the start. Should a change arise, Global Updates allow the system administrator to deploy the change and automatically update all associated sheets, reports, and dashboards. By cascading the change throughout the project, teams can work at scale without getting bogged down in minute details, and feel confident that nothing slips through the cracks.

2. Project and program management

Go from strategic planning to executing to program reporting with ease by automating project creation, aggregating portfolio reporting, and managing change.

Government organizations that repeat projects many times over need to maintain consistency across every project. As a new project gets the green light, Smartsheet Gov Control Center allows agencies to drive structure, consistency, and visibility by leveraging a blueprint, so they can replicate not only the project, but every detail from launch to completion. And when projects are over, organizations can archive them to revisit, relaunch, or report on later.

For government organizations that repeat a project only a few times or need to implement a complex project, Control Center remains useful. It allows them to collect and respond to new project requests, and provides them the tools they need to manage timelines and deliverables without missing a beat, ensuring visibility of key metrics and project progress with stakeholders.

3. Organizational budgets and planning

Support fiscal success by simplifying the planning and management of strategic investments, and bring alignment and oversight to everything from contracts to acquisitions.

Smartsheet Gov Control Center multi-tier allows agency leaders to bring structure, consistency, and visibility to independent operational units — like departments or geographic regions — with granular reporting and access control.

Each department and unit operates from a single source of truth, ensuring consistent execution and reporting. Teams gain a reliable and clear process, minimizing confusion and allowing them to focus on driving results.

Bring structure, visibility, and compliance at scale to your agency

Smartsheet Gov Control Center gives agencies the ability to manage projects and programs from start to finish, adapt to shifting conditions with ease, and scale work in a secure, compliant way.

Departments can build an initial blueprint of sheets, reports, and dashboards, then review, approve, and replicate new project requests from a central console. They can freeze, store, and report on historical projects — allowing them to conduct trend analyses and meet compliance requirements. Leaders can manage change requests across their portfolio and make data-driven decisions with program summary dashboards and reports, all pre-configured for each new project. And agencies can automate their portfolios to save dollars and hours, and prevent errors.

Bring structure to unstructured work and achieve more with Smartsheet Gov. Visit to learn more.