How our new product capabilities can empower your dynamic workforce

by Gene Farrell

In the face of continuous change, organizations need to rethink how they work and how they equip their teams to not just survive — but thrive. This requires a dynamic solution. One that empowers people to improve how they work and unleash their talents and ideas to solve problems and capture opportunities.

Smartsheet is designed to empower non-technical workers by bringing together the core elements of modern work — collaboration, workflows, and content — in a way that makes it easy for everyone, everywhere, to drive meaningful change in how they work. As chief product officer of Smartsheet, I’m excited to share with you some of the capabilities that we announced at ENGAGE 2020 that are available for you to use right now.

Build the apps your business needs with WorkApps

No business process, no matter how well designed, will be successful without active participation from everyone involved. And even with all of the tools at your disposal, getting stakeholders to engage can be a challenge. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily package everything up in an intuitive app, and share exactly what your stakeholders need to see? Well now you can, with Smartsheet WorkApps.

WorkApps is a no-code solution for building intuitive web and mobile apps to streamline your business, and simplify collaboration. With WorkApps, you can build easy-to-navigate apps in a few minutes using sheets, forms, reports, dashboards, and even external content like Tableau dashboards or Google Docs all without writing a single line of code.

Get the full picture of your projects and your people

The most valuable asset to any organization is their people. Companies rely on the talent of their people to deliver results. For many organizations, resource management is not just a critical business function, but a competitive advantage. 

And it’s become even more important in the current environment to gain real-time insight into what people are working on, and make sure the company is fully optimizing their talent across teams and projects.

Last year, based on strong interest from customers for deeper resource management capabilities, we acquired 10,000ft. And this year we’re excited to deliver the 10,000ft panel for Smartsheet.

This new panel is your portal into resource planning and team availability. Directly from a project sheet, you can see who's been assigned to the project, request the types of people you need to complete each deliverable, and get a real-time preview of the impact of resourcing changes. If you have a license for both Smartsheet and 10,000ft, you already have access to this helpful, new panel.

A reimagined mobile app experience

Customers have told  us we can make it easier to find things on mobile, navigate sheets on smaller screens, and provide more consistency between the mobile and desktop experiences. We’ve taken this feedback to heart and created a completely new mobile experience. 

A new mobile view shows rows in sheets as actionable cards so you can add or remove fields to create a view of the information that is most important to you, and make updates with just a few taps.  

We’ve also redesigned home and navigation for mobile to make it easier to find your work faster, and improve the consistency of the experience when switching between devices. Mobile view, plus the new home tab and navigation experience are available today for iOS with synchronization of recents coming later this month. All three enhancements are coming to Android in December. 

End-to-end workflows for content development and management

Marketers want solutions that enable their teams to be more effective and more dynamic, including end-to-end workflows for content development, campaign management, events (both virtual and in-person), and digital content management.   

As of today, Smartsheet proofing supports Microsoft Office files, so your team can seamlessly review, comment on, and approve Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files right from Smartsheet. And we’ll be adding support for over 50 new document types between now and January. We’ve also added advanced annotations so you can use pins, boxes, and arrows to provide more targeted feedback, as well as frame-level proofing for videos.

Save time and have confidence the accuracy of your data

Customers use Smartsheet for performing critical business processes, and a lot of these processes require formulas. To make it easier to apply a formula to an entire column and maintain consistency when new rows are added, I’m excited to announce column formulas

Enter a formula once and convert it to a column level formula that is applied to every cell in that column regardless of where or how new rows are added. The formula can only be edited by licensed sheet owners and administrators, so you can make sure that the data is accurate. 

Generate client-ready documents from sheet data

Document builder lets you quickly generate client-ready documents right from sheet data. It takes only a few clicks to feed sheet data into an existing standardized PDF and rapidly create dozens of custom versions at the same time. You no longer need to deal with copy and paste, or rely on expensive third-party integrations. 

Smartsheet document builder user interface

The road ahead

These are all the new capabilities we made available at ENGAGE 2020. You can watch the full keynote (in English) to learn about our longer term plans and preview what you can expect from Smartsheet in the coming months, including enhancements to reports and dashboards, project baselines, and our plans with Brandfolder.

We’ve also been hard at work designing a new look and feel for Smartsheet. Learn more and get a glimpse of how the Smartsheet experience will transform over the next six months.

While I missed the opportunity to meet and interact with customers in person at this year’s ENGAGE, I’m excited about the road ahead, and can’t wait to share with you what’s next.

To learn more and access ENGAGE 2020 session recordings, insights, and information on what you can achieve with the Smartsheet platform for dynamic work, please visit ENGAGE on-demand.