Transform how you work, wherever you work

by Brendan Reed

With the shift to remote work, it’s never been more important to work effectively, wherever you are. Eight-five percent of surveyed employees are working from home with distractions running rampant, including personal life interruptions, emails, and messaging apps.

When there’s limited time to spend on delivering results, and you’re bouncing between devices — working from your desk to your kitchen to the yard — being able to quickly find the information you need and pick up where you left off is critical.

This is what’s been our minds in recent months, as we worked to update the Smartsheet mobile app. And today, we’re excited to launch the completely redesigned app — giving you a new mobile experience which puts your most important work front and center.

iPhones appear in parallel rows showing the various views available in the Smartsheet mobile app

Introducing a brand new mobile app: Home and mobile view

We’ve overhauled the mobile app from the ground up to help you get to important work wherever you are — fast. We’ve built a new navigation and home experience, and introduced mobile view, the best way to view a sheet on your phone.

A fresh home experience

For our new home experience, we started by placing the search bar at the top of the main tabs, so you can search without having to go to a separate tab. Pick up where you left off with “Recents” and “Favorites” moved to the “Home” tab — surfacing your most pressing and frequent work quickly. You can get to your workspaces and all your sheets by tapping on the “Browse” tab.

Viewing Recents in the Smartsheet mobile app

With these changes, we’ve also updated the look and feel of the app to improve readability. (Plus we think it looks better, if we do say so ourselves.) As an added bonus, the “Recents” tab now syncs between the web and mobile apps, making it seamless for you to jump back into work when switching devices. And while it’s not yet ready, your pinned recent work will be available on the “Home” tab on mobile, too. That update is coming soon!

Welcome to the mobile view

When I fall asleep at night, I dream about what viewing your sheets on mobile should look like (okay, not really, but I do think about it fairly often). And I believe the mobile view is the best way to view your sheets on your phone.

Rather than having rows upon rows stacked top-to-bottom — which often meant endless scrolling in larger sheets — the mobile view makes finding your work and making quick changes easy. In the mobile view, each “card” represents a row in your sheet. You can fully customize the fields you want to display and use the compact view if you need to scroll through a bunch of data quickly.

Simply tapping on a field, rather than scrolling through individual cells in a sheet, allows you to make quick edits and get back to what matters — whether that’s driving revenue or feeding your toddler.

A gif shows the new flow and user experience on the Smartsheet mobile app for iOS

It’s time to transform how you work, wherever you work

If you already have the Smartsheet mobile app, these updates are available now for iOS and Android devices. Make sure to download the latest version and explore these changes!

Don’t have the Smartsheet mobile app? Get started by downloading it to your phone or tablet, available on the App Store for iOS, and the Google Play Store for Android: