Strengthen customer relationships with the Smartsheet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

by Andre Ropeta


If you’ve worked on a customer-facing team, you might have heard that it takes as much skill to keep a customer as it takes to win one. Maintaining a good customer relationship begins the moment a sales deal closes and onboarding of the customer begins. It’s in this moment that the customer gets their first impression of service quality, an impression that stays with them throughout their relationship with a company.

Yet meeting and exceeding customer expectations during the customer implementation process — and beyond  — can be a challenge, in part due to customer data that can be trapped in CRM systems. A survey Smartsheet conducted of 1,000 customer service professionals found that 25 percent of an average respondent’s time was spent on manually updating various tools, and one in four new client onboarding efforts was adversely impacted by poor communication. Ultimately, disconnected data and teams can have a negative impact on customers because key players don’t have the visibility they need at the right time.

The new Smartsheet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector empowers teams in sales, professional services, and customer success to make a positive first impression that carries throughout the full customer experience by improving visibility and collaboration across the organization. Teams can build customer implementation processes — and more — without the need for coded solutions or technical resources.

Streamline your customer onboarding

Graphic shows the flow of Dynamics 365 data to the Smartsheet platform

The Smartsheet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector empowers your customer-facing teams to build entirely new ways to access and collaborate on customer data. Designed for business users, the Connector allows customer-facing team members to create rich, one-way or bi-directional workflows between their onboarding projects living in Smartsheet and customer data living in Dynamics 365. The Dynamics 365 Connector can be used to:

  • Automatically notify professional services of deals closed by your sales team

  • Initiate customer onboarding projects by automatically assigning resources

  • Originate customer-specific project sheets and dashboards in Smartsheet

  • Share project assets with support teams, third parties, and your customers

  • Deliver deeper visibility into sales processes and performance for sales leaders


In addition, changes made in Smartsheet are immediately detected by the Connector and synced with Dynamics 365, eliminating the need to copy and paste data or email exported Excel or CSV files between teams. You can set up the Connector for bi-directional or one-way workflows between Smartsheet and Dynamics 365.

Keep customers in the know

Many Smartsheet customers have built elegant and efficient customer onboarding solutions on top of Smartsheet Connectors.

At Motus, a company focused on helping businesses simplify expense tracking and reimbursement, the professional services team synchronizes their CRM data with Smartsheet and shares access with customers to keep them informed of real-time project statuses and risks, which greatly reduces the volume of email update requests and status meetings.

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