Smartsheet Data Uploader

Automate data uploads from third-party systems.

Learn how Data Uploader brings together your key data sources including ERP, CRM, databases, and more into Smartsheet to improve visibility and drive the right actions on a timely basis.

    Bring together disparate data sources for visibility, faster and better actions.

  • Unite your platforms

  • Centralize information

  • Save time and reduce manual errors

For larger [clinical] studies, it used to take two people a full day to just enter data. [With Data Uploader], it maybe  takes an hour and a half per day for a full study update.

Bruce Warren, Karyopharm Therapeutics

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Key features

Data alignment

Make confident decisions and centralize your data across platforms by integrating your systems to create a common source of truth.


Process automation

Automate routine business processes and operate efficiently by ensuring the accurate and timely completions of simple data uploads.

Executive Center


Configure your workflows to match your business and stakeholder needs without any technical skills.