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Link Documents Stored in Box to your Projects

Collaboration just got a whole lot easier with Smartsheet’s integration with Box’s popular cloud collaboration and file storage service. No more headaches with legacy systems...the cloud apps are easy to use together and offer instant value. Within minutes, teams can share and collaborate on files related to specific projects with internal staff as well as external teams, including vendors, clients, and contractors.

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Perfect for the Small Teams or the Large Enterprise
Together, Smartsheet and Box are easy to use (intuitive menus and options), don’t require IT to install or manage, and immediately deliver value to users.

Add Structure, Save Time
Access files from Box in the context of your project or task.

No Need to Upload New Versions
All changes made to documents in Box are instantly available in Smartsheet. Say good-bye to outdated versions!

Share Files with Teams Near and Far
Using Smartsheet’s project sharing and row sending capabilities, you can share files in Box with other team members with a click of the mouse.

A Little or A Lot
Link a specific document - or an entire folder of documents - to your Smartsheet project.

Watch this video to see Box and Smartsheet integration in action: