Sight Gallery


CIO Sight

Get an accurate, consistently up-to-date overview of your IT portfolio.

  • See if the current portfolio spend is aligning with strategic objectives
  • Get a true check on the health of the portfolio and see upcoming major milestones
  • Identify where IT money is spent

Program Sight

Stay informed on the status of any number or combination of organizational programs or dig into the details of an individual project.

  • Gain visibility into all projects in the program and track how they’re performing
  • Get an at-a-glance view of program-level performance metrics
  • Access program documents and workspaces quickly
  • Drill-down to project details with just a few clicks

HR Resource Sight

Track all HR activities, projects, and timelines - in real-time - from a centralized hub.

  • Create one view of all HR-related activities
  • Check status on hiring and onboarding procedures, employee programs, and department spend
  • Get easy access to HR information from outside sources with quick shortcut links

Single Project Sight

Create a single source of the truth for any project to make smarter, more informed decisions, faster.

  • Surface and share key tasks, milestones, and progress
  • See all project team members, both inside and outside of the company, and their roles and assignments
  • Track project performance metrics in real-time

Sales Pipeline Sight

Get high-level or detailed visibility into all sales activities and progress.

  • Track sales pipeline activity, key metrics, and status
  • Analyze metrics by pipeline stage, product line, or sales rep to look for any potential weaknesses or strengths
  • Get one-click access to every opportunity in the pipeline

Metrics and Data Sight

Surface the true data you need to make informed decisions, quickly

  • Create a master view of all essential KPIs, goals, and objectives
  • Get real-time updates on budgets, project or campaign performance, and team activity
  • Share top achievements, milestones, and deadlines across multiple departments

Tracker Sight

Get an overall view of the all the task activity in your organization.

  • Track key tasks in one roll up view
  • Drill-down to see teams individual tasks, priorities and status
  • Give stakeholders a place to check status on projects and programs

Personal Sight

Build a personal, centralized hub of all of the key information you care most about.

  • Generate a master calendar that displays key milestones, assignments, and tasks on all of your projects
  • Get a quick view of all key metrics you’re tracking, KPIs, and campaign performance
  • Create a shortcut list of all frequently visited websites, folders, sheets, and files so that you quickly have access to everything you need right at your fingertips