Smartsheet Tips: 10 Super-Users Share Tips for Smartsheet Success


Smartsheet Tips: 10 Super-Users Share Tips for Smartsheet Success

We have a lot of resources to help you master Smartsheet, everything from webinars to template tutorials. Now, we’re giving you the chance to learn from the experts.

Get the inside scoop from Smartsheet super-users and learn their best tips and tricks to save time, collaborate better, and be more productive. Take a behind-the-scenes look at what has worked best for other Smartsheet users and see how you can achieve success, too! 


Here are 10 Smartsheet Tips from our Power Users: 

  1. “Creating a Master Dashboard that features information about key initiatives from each direct report has been a tremendous help for me when I’m reporting to the executive team.”
    - Lisa Kudukis, director of professional products and services for Behr
  2. “We created an issue tracker for outstanding items to track the problem and make updates as the months moved on.”
    - Marc Klein, senior associate at Populous
  3. “For pieces of paperwork that need to be processed within a certain timeframe, like I-9s, set reminders to check in with hiring managers and employees to complete the steps.”
    - D’onn Genovese, owner and manager of Massage Envy.
  4. “Requests for marketing assets are submitted via web forms. The submission process is streamlined and incoming requests are centralized in one, easy-to-access sheet.”
    - Christine Sonnabend, lead project manager for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  5. “Smartsheet helps us provide context to the requests that we’re tackling. We also attach files to rows and leave notes in the Comment fields on really complicated requests.”
    - Stacey Hughes, director of advancement information services at Loyola University
  6. Emails are automatically sent to participants when updates are made to a sheet. At a glance, our team sees what’s changed, when it was changed, and by whom.”
    - Justin Kanoya, marketing projects manager at Port of San Diego.
  7. Red Yellow Green balls are helpful indicators to show if our company meets internal investment requirements and is ready to move on to the next stage.”
    - Todd Marker, co-founder of Alpine Pacific Capital
  8. “Creating work-back schedules to plan for launch dates allow us to build project plans based around deadlines and stay one step ahead.”
    - Nate Collum, product owner of BetterCloud.
  9. “The cross-platform nature of Gmail and Google Docs allows our marketing team to collaborate remotely using smartphones and tablets.”
    - Jason Baxter, marketing manager at Cypress Grove Chevre
  10. “The power to switch between Grid, Gantt and Calendar view is particularly useful for staying on top of project status and successfully multitasking.”
    - Will Sullivan, chief strategist for Visceral, a digital agency. 

Be the Next Power User 

You can streamline processes, stay ahead of deadlines, and centralize important information with Smartsheet, too. If you want more tips and tricks, visit the Smartsheet Help Center for live, online training and best practices from our support team. 

You’ll be a super-user yourself in no time. 




SmartSheets for Automated Job Postings.

We create one SmartSheet form for each job posting and now ONLY accept online applications with the SmartSheet form. This allows us to ask all the questions we need to the applicant and collect their resume and cover letter. The review team then uses additional fields to VOTE on who they would like to see. Discussion allow the review team to talk over things they see in the applications, resume or cover letter. All other documentation, and questions are uploaded so at the end the ENTIRE process start to finish is contained in one Smartsheet.

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Thank you for sharing, Peter!


An in depth tutorial on dashboards, with real life examples, would be very helpful.

RE: Dashboarding

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Howard - That's great to know, thank you for your feedback. In the meantime, here's a post on "How to Maximize Productivity Using Your Dashboard" that may be helpful: Let us know if you have any specific questions. Thank you, Emily

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