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How Healthcare Organizations Can Evolve to Do More With Less

A Digital Transformation Report: 5 Emerging Trends in Healthcare

Even as healthcare organizations struggle to manage the operational and financial challenges of exponential growth, they must also accommodate an increasingly engaged and informed patient community. Patients now have a plethora of choices for where and how they get care. They research their options online — and they share their healthcare experiences online too, with everything from reviews of providers and ratings of hospitals, to discussions of treatments and medications, and more.

For healthcare organizations, the imperative to do more with less is increasingly at odds with the need to keep patient satisfaction front and center and provide improved patient experiences.

Optimizing processes and projects with HIT can help healthcare systems become more responsive and even more proactive in providing patients with a positive experience. Five trends are emerging that present opportunities for healthcare systems to improve their efficiency, employee, and patient satisfaction with the help of technology.

Download this free report to learn how collaborative work management technology can help healthcare organizations meet the challenges of:

  • The rise of healthcare project management
  • Consolidation
  • Increasingly complex health initiatives
  • Skills shortages
  • Expanding mobile workflows
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