Return to campus, safely.

You’ve worked hard to plan your return to campus. It’s more important than ever that your staff has the tools needed to stay safe and succeed during these uncertain times. 

Whether you’re responsible for curriculum development, on-campus health screenings, running IT, or capital construction projects, Smartsheet provides solution packages to help you meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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Smartsheet solutions for Education

Higher education professionals use Smartsheet in over 2,000 different ways to make an impact, from grant management to running clinical trials. Find the use case that fits your needs.


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Curriculum development

Create visibility into curriculum-production progress, streamline collaboration with instructional designers, and accelerate output.

Proven Winner

Grant management: Pre-award and post-award

Track each application component and expense record, increase transparency around spending, and ensure that no deadline is missed.

Construction / Engineering Industry

Campus maintenance and capital construction

Quickly capture facilities issues, connect field staff with call centers, improve campus safety and cleanliness, and uniformly kick off approved capital projects.