4 Project Management Templates Every Construction Leader Needs

by Staff Writer

An on-site construction project manager uses Smartsheet on a tablet

Being a construction project manager (PM) means working through high-pressure situations where you need to stay on schedule, land on or under budget, coordinate with contractors, and meet all applicable compliance policies and safety standards without a hitch.

In fact, the Construction Management Association of America estimates U.S. construction managers uphold 120 core responsibilities. Unlike office-bound PMs who rely on a stationary desk as their only physical workplace, construction project managers must be ready to travel between build sites in their vehicle and regularly check for updates on their smartphone or tablet device.

Connect Your Complex Workflows

Managing the intricate moving parts of a construction project takes sophistication while getting quick answers in the field requires user-friendly simplicity. The Smartsheet work execution platform helps connect every component of your construction project, from design to bidding phases.

You can gain control over your projects through a mix of automating work processes, increasing visibility through dashboards, and gathering reports and documents from the field through Smartsheet forms — with all of your information stored securely in the cloud.

Here are just a few of our customizable, ready-to-use construction templates for your next project:

1. Construction Estimator Template

With the Smartsheet Construction Estimator Template, you can gather all of the essential information you need to stay in the know about estimates, from permits to interior finishing work costs. It enables you to store contact information, invoice numbers and customer IDs, and as much or as little detailed description of the estimate as you need.

In addition, contractors can upload important documents — permits, regulations, deliverables, and contracts — directly to sheet rows in order to make sure everything’s stored in a single location. You can access everything you need, even while you’re onsite, via the Smartsheet mobile app.

Download the Construction Estimator Template

Construction Estimator Template in Smartsheet

2. Construction Timeline Template

Setting a timeline and being flexible when plans shift is the cornerstone of construction project management. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, such as a permit not being finalized on time. One way to stay on top of your timeline is to utilize multiple types of visualization, such as the Gantt chart right alongside the sheet view in this template.

In Smartsheet, you can even outline the critical path to clarify expectations around hard deadlines. A detailed timeline also serves as a means of accountability for everyone who uses it.

A single, transparent version of the truth keeps stakeholders honest, maximizes collaboration, and provides progress visibility to owners, who might not always be as savvy when it comes to the ins-and-outs of construction.

Download the Construction Timeline Template

Construction Timeline Template in Smartsheet

3. Construction Punch List Template

Punch lists help you ensure all aspects of a contract are met before starting project wrap-up. Using the traditional combination of email and spreadsheets can mean that key information is scattered and not shared between the right people.

With this template, you can easily share row or sheet information with collaborators, even if the other party does not have a Smartsheet account. This comes in handy for coordinating with contractors. So if an electrical contractor is behind on installing light fittings, they can flag the action item as at risk and you can adjust accordingly.

Download the Construction Punch List Template

Project Punch List Template in Smartsheet

4. Project Closeout Checklist Template

Once the construction project is nearly finished, the PM needs to tie up loose ends and ensure that all expectations have been met. For this phase, you need a reliable checklist template that tracks:

  • Contract closeouts

  • Workmanship bonds

  • Required testing

  • Warranties and guarantees

  • Certificates

  • Final submittals

You can set up automated alerts so that when a stakeholder or contractor completes a task you receive an approval request. If an onsite inspection is needed, you can easily access the checklist template through the Smartsheet mobile app while completing inspections.

Download the Project Closeout Checklist Template

Project Closeout Template in Smartsheet

Whether you’re already a Smartsheet power-user new to construction project management, or a seasoned construction PM trying Smartsheet for the first time, these templates can help. In addition, you can download the Smartsheet Construction and Facilities Management Template Set from the Solution Center and get started.