Smartsheet Poised to “Further Disrupt Up the Stack”

451 Research: Smartsheet's Rapid Growth Could See it Reach $1bn in Revenue in Just a Few Years

Global research and advisory firm 451 Research has released its 2019 vendor profile of Smartsheet — an in-depth analysis of Smartsheet’s overall position in the market, including challenges, opportunities, and competition.

According to the report by Chris Marsh, director of research at 451 Research, “Smartsheet's flexible and increasingly extensible platform for businesses to apply structure, connectivity, automation and reporting around their work is allowing the company to pick up general, divisional and enterprise-wide use cases … Smartsheet is showing itself increasingly able to address uncatered-to demand,” taking market share from other technologies including:

  • more discrete individual and team tools that don't provide the feature breadth and scale
  • other business divisional-specialist offerings that can't provide the customizability and connectivity into other work
  • larger traditional business systems and PPM tools that can't provide the same flexibility or user engagement

“Having grown largely as the ultimate 'jack of all trades,'” Marsh writes, “Smartsheet is increasingly specializing while also developing a unified platform that could see it further disrupt up the stack.” Read more in this free report.


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