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How MOD Pizza Scales Operations

by Staff Writer

As any retailer knows, if a chain wants to survive - let alone thrive - it needs to simultaneously keep growing and set itself apart from the competition. MOD Pizza is one such company - a fast casual pizza chain that is rapidly expanding its reach. 

MOD Pizza has recently gone from opening a couple of stores a year to opening 100 stores in a year. But sustaining that growth isn’t easy. As MOD Pizza CEO Scott Svenson shared in a recent interview, “It’s easy to open one store and send out a press release that you’re going to be the ‘Chipotle of pizza.’ It’s much harder to open the second, and the fifth, and the tenth, and then start to scale.” As MOD Pizza’s growth accelerated, their team needed a way to quickly scale their retail operations to stay on track with all of their store openings. 

Rapid Growth Fuels Change

When Dan Gockel, Chief of Stuff at MOD Pizza, started evaluating MOD’s store development processes, all of their communication was through email. People would send out an Excel workbook or an email, and there were no processes in place to facilitate sharing information and collaboration, let alone to ensure consistency across store openings. 

“Through the evaluation process we discovered something that was already living in our company and that was Smartsheet,” Gockel said. MOD added the Smartsheet Control Center to their toolbox to help create and maintain consistency in their store openings, while at the same time retaining flexibility as they scale.

“Not all of our stores are going to be similar, but the processes [of opening them] are similar,” says Gockel, “so using Smartsheet Control Center, we can emulate that process over and over again, but still have the flexibility of changing the process as we go along.” 

Here’s how MOD Pizza is scaling their operations with the Smartsheet Control Center: 



Scale Your Business With the Smartsheet Control Center

The Smartsheet Control Center can help your company scale highly repeatable processes in store openings, project management, customer onboarding, facilities management, marketing campaign planning, and many other areas of your business. 

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