An inside look at what it’s like to be a Smartsheet intern

by The Smartsheet Team

A staple of the Smartsheet community, each summer we welcome aboard an intern class that brings new perspectives and ideas to our company and provides employees with leadership and mentoring opportunities. 

Internship opportunities at Smartsheet 2023

Think it’s easy to become a Smartsheet intern? Think again! Our program is a competitive one with 8,753 applications in 2022. We’re dedicated to bringing on interns who can grow into putting our values in action. We look for folks from all backgrounds, who are eager to learn and ask questions, support their teammates, and strive to work with integrity. 

In October, we closed out our third year of Smartsheet’s formal Summer Intern Program, but internships have been part of Smartsheet’s culture for over a decade. We’re thrilled to help this group of driven individuals learn and build upon their skills, while contributing to real work that drives meaningful change.

 2022 interns by the numbers:

  • 44 interns 
  • 8,753 applications
  • Locations spanning the US and UK
  • ~50% roles in Software Engineering or Product
  • $500 donated by Smartsheet to Carbon 180, selected by the 2022 class of interns based on their dedication to fighting climate change
  • 15 interns will be returning to Smartsheet as full-time employees in 2023

Meet a few of our interns

Parker Landon, Software Engineering team

Parker Landon joined the Software Engineering team this summer to support content solutions. Now a junior at Seattle Pacific University, Parker is studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, while exploring different paths to put these skills to use after graduation. “Software engineering has always been an interest for me” says Parker, “but I’m also looking into machine learning and data science."

Smartsheet intern opportunities

Parker’s time here has given him a hands-on understanding of what it would mean to be a software engineer, tackling different tasks from writing code to supporting enhancements to the Proof Request Due Date functionality, and collaborating cross-functionally to problem solving in real time. 

An experience that is unique to Smartsheet, Parker’s internship was shaped by our commitment to working together as one team in service of our mission. “I’ve been blown away by the open lines of communication here. Everyone is so willing to help, answer questions, and provide guidance.” 

Selin Esener, Product Management team

Selin Esener joined the Product Management team this summer to help us better understand how customers are using and managing update and approval requests, and how we can improve the experience for managing requests at scale. Internships are a requirement in Selin’s Master of Business Administration Program at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. With a Bachelor of Science and Master’s from the University of San Diego focused in Nano Engineering, Selin is accustomed to finding creative solutions to solve problems — and that’s what landed her the internship.

Product management internships at Smartsheet

Continuously learning and adapting is in Smartsheet’s DNA, and Selin was able to take her current studies and what she previously specialized in and apply it to Smartsheet’s product development process. She conducted a number of internal and external interviews, analyzed usage data, and presented her findings and recommendations via a Customer Problem Definition document.

Selin made such an impression over the summer that we’ve offered her a full-time role on the Product Management team when she graduates next year! 

The road from intern to manager

Finding and growing people who embody our values and competencies is critical to our ability to drive meaningful change, and Catherine Eberhart, our Manager of Benefits Programs, is a perfect example of that. Catherine started at Smartsheet in 2016 as an intern with our Legal, IT, and Human Resources (now People & Culture) departments.

IT, Human Resources, Legal internships at Smartsheet

Thanks to her early time here, Catherine realized her interests aligned with the work happening in HR, and she returned the following summer with a focus in that area. We were so dazzled with Catherine’s commitment to driving results and taking accountability that she was hired full-time after graduating from New York University in 2018, and just celebrated her four-year Smartsheet anniversary! 

Whether it's helping to build trust, learning how to seek out diverse perspectives or problem solving through experimentation, all our interns will bring a little bit of Smartsheet with them as they embark on their next chapters. 

Cheers to our 2022 interns! We can’t wait to see what’s next. 

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