Welcome to the era of the no-code enterprise

by Mark Mader

Today’s ENGAGE: ALL IN customer conference comes at a pivotal moment. In parts of the world, vaccines are helping get us back to “normal,” while some areas are still struggling mightily to gain control of the pandemic. But I am still optimistic that we will begin to see people traveling and coming back to the workplace very soon. 

That said, I anticipate that “returning to the workplace” will look different than we may have thought over a year ago. Work has changed and we’ve adapted — not only as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic — but also because throughout all of this, we’ve discovered better ways to work. We’ve made progress. 

Technology innovations move business forward

The business world has always been about progress, and technology has driven that need for continuous improvement. Today, it’s software, delivered in the cloud, that drives every aspect of modern business — from customer experience to operational efficiency, to new services and products.  

Software developers have historically created and configured the systems, business solutions, and software that powers companies, yet they represent only 5% of the knowledge workforce. This means that the remaining 95% of the workforce are unable to contribute, because they lack the technical expertise needed to do so. 

But what if you could empower and enable 25%, 50%, or your entire company to innovate new systems and business solutions? I’m talking about people with great ideas, who are motivated to contribute and do more, participating in software innovation. Even moving from 5% to 25% of your people contributing would be a huge, powerful leap in innovation for your organization. And we believe it's possible.

Unlock innovation with a no-code platform

Today, the technical barrier of developing and evolving technology is shrinking. More and more, the keys to scale and innovation are no longer in the hands of the technical few; they’re available to those who are motivated to make change, who want to push the world forward. 

This shift is enabling anyone to create new software capabilities and achieve software-based outcomes without writing code, or what is known as “no-code.” No-code relies on building blocks that enable anyone to easily configure business systems or build powerful applications. 

When we think about applying a no-code mindset at scale, opportunity abounds. 

Consider the velocity of business today — the constant change, the flexibility and adaptability required to conduct business in a software-driven world. 

In today’s world, no-code is the opportunity for business to get the most from its people, and enable constant innovation from the edge. On the flip side, the no-code enterprise empowers people to bring their best ideas to life without waiting for or relying on IT to build the solutions for them.

The power of the no-code enterprise 

But to truly drive business forward, no-code solutions must exist within a platform that’s scalable, endorsed by IT, used by the business to run the business, every day. The future of business is that combination of “no-code” and “enterprise-ready” — and it has the potential to unlock something incredibly powerful: the no-code enterprise.

The no-code enterprise unlocks the ability to configure, customize, refine, and reshape hundreds of programs, processes, and workflows to best fit the ever-changing needs of the business. 

It empowers everyone to impact the business almost intuitively, because as they work, they adapt the technology to optimize how they work, and ultimately how the business operates, innovates, and responds to customer needs, every day. In this way, technology works for and adapts to the needs of your people, not the other way around.

So, how do we know this? Fifteen years of market experience and thousands of Smartsheet customer stories. If you think about it, we are the original no-code enterprise platform. We have 15 years of evidence of the power that no-code technology can bring to businesses. And we’re ready to help your business succeed over the next 15 years — and beyond.

Introducing Smartsheet Advance

As we look toward the future, we've been inspired to create an all new enterprise offering, one that places specific focus on bundling what our customers need and use most.

Today, we launched Smartsheet Advance, an all-new enterprise offering with robust, no-code tools to automate workflows across systems, align global teams, and build countless scalable configurations and solutions that advance your business. 

Smartsheet Advance is the Smartsheet platform with the scale and depth of capabilities that enables the no-code enterprise, including:

  • Centralized content management
  • Skills-based resource management
  • Scaled workflows
  • Solutions for functional teams like marketing and project management offices (PMO)
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance 

We’ve been working on this for nearly a year and are very excited for what it means for each of you. 

Read more about Smartsheet Advance, including some new release highlights in our article 5 keys to a successful no-code enterprise

What will you launch next?

No advances in technology have ever been able to fully replace the genius of human creativity. That is what drives us as a company. 

Creativity is the unique power that we each possess, and Smartsheet exists to amplify that creativity. People are the most unique, inventive, and powerful asset of any business. With Smartsheet Advance, we can unleash that power and unlock incredible possibilities. 

So, what will you launch next? With Smartsheet Advance, it’s all there for you. You not only have the power, you have the tools that every individual, every team, and every enterprise needs to show up every day, be bold, and launch big.