3 Questions to Guide Your Pivot to Virtual Events

Virtual events illustration

You can go virtual and still elevate your event strategy. 

Customer events remain a key part of growing a business as community becomes more important than ever; in the B2B sector, they’re one of the most effectives ways to generate leads, according to a survey of B2B marketing executives. 

To successfully draw crowds to your virtual experiences and deliver ROI, your virtual event will need to consist of more than a day full of webinars packed back-to-back. Differentiated virtual events require a different approach than simply migrating your in-person plans online –– you need a broader team, a revised approach to content, and a new relationship with technology. 

In spite of today's new challenges, you can still take your customer event to the next level. Here are three questions to ask yourself to successfully pivot your event strategy and embrace our new reality.


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