451 Research: Coronavirus quick fixes aren’t scalable. Here’s what business leaders must do instead.

Cover page for 451 Research report: Coronavirus quick fixes aren’t scalable


Given the shift to mass remote work and the potentially serious disruption businesses face in the COVID-19 crisis, organizations are resorting to quick fixes to support remote working. 

Yet according to 451 Research’s Chris Marsh, Research Director, Workforce Productivity and Collaboration, team communication and collaboration tools like chat and video conferencing alone aren’t the answer to the five key challenges businesses now face:

  • A hugely dynamic external environment

  • Broad and compounding impacts across the workforce

  • Unsettled and anxious employees

  • A reduced amount of useful context to inform projects

  • Competitive disruptions as companies look for opportunities amid the crisis

So how can you keep your workforce productive and engaged? 451 Research advises that businesses find tooling that “provides visibility, trackability, automation, reporting, and planning around work initiatives for which synchronous conversation and asynchronous messaging should be a secondary support, not a replacement.” Download the report today to learn how to build a long-term strategy that empowers your teams to respond to rapidly-changing conditions and execute effectively.

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