Success vs. Achievement: Understanding the Effectiveness of Digital Transformation

What are the key drivers in transforming your business - and how can you take advantage of change to create real impact and achieve your goals?


Staying agile and up to date with technology is vital to the success of all businesses. But getting digital transformation right isn’t easy, and there are plenty of roadblocks along the way that could stop your project from achieving wider business impact – as Smartsheet’s latest research report has revealed.

Ready to discover the secrets to successful digital transformation? With insight from change leaders across the U.S., the U.K., and Germany, download your free copy to find out:

  • What factors are motivating change
  • Why 83% believe they need to keep up with technological change or risk falling behind
  • How businesses are managing digital transformation
  • Why only half of projects are game changers for the business
  • And what tools, behaviors, and attitudes you can embrace to achieve more impactful transformation


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