The Hidden Costs of SaaS Sprawl

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Measure spend in more than dollars to illustrate the impact on business.

A proliferation of devices in the workplace combined with the ease of downloading an app means IT departments are grappling to protect their network environment, integrate software, and pare down the patchwork of solutions. More apps equals more entry points for bad actors, with IT feeling the brunt of needing to shore up resources and protect networks and data. And when every team in an organization has the liberty of self-selecting apps and software to meet their needs, IT teams are challenged to tame the SaaS sprawl while remaining reliable partners.

Download this free report to learn how you can empower your business to deliver work at scale and achieve more by addressing these costs:

  • The security snowball
  • Productivity lost in silos
  • Bloated budgets
  • Less-effective IT, and more

Smartsheet CTO Praerit Garg shares more on these costly issues, as well as a way forward that can help you align your organization, assess your ecosystem, identify risks, and educate your teams.

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