When every millisecond counts, you find the most efficient way to do everything.

That means transforming the way you manage vehicle maintenance, parts manufacturing, race operations and even the fan experience.

To do that, McLaren turned to Smartsheet. Because after all, driving success is in our DNA.

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Meet McLaren’s Off-Track Heroes

On race weekend, all eyes are on the driver – but behind every victory, there are countless off-track heroes working tirelessly to ensure everything goes to plan. Join Smartsheet in celebrating the people driving success at McLaren.

Off-Track Heroes

Meet Jessica

Meet Stuart

Off-track heroes: take your victory lap

You may not be in the driving seat, but you're just as critical to your team's success. Meet the off-track heroes helping McLaren strive for pole position.

Jessica Tomkins: a McLaren off-track hero

Gaining the competitive edge on the track isn’t just about the drive. Technical Analyst Jess uses the latest software and cutting-edge technology to steer McLaren towards success. Hear about her fast-paced world in our interview.

Stuart Robinson: a McLaren off-track hero

Whether he’s running major partner campaigns or promoting brand visibility trackside, marketer Stuart is a champion of the iconic McLaren brand. Watch his interview to learn more about his work as Group Brand Manager.


How McLaren uses
Brandfolder and Smartsheet

  • Brandfolder puts assets into action

  • Smartsheet unifies work, people and technology

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