7 ‘can-do’ customers who raise the bar on achievement

by Kristen Russell

Smartsheet customers are “can-do” people. No matter their role or department, they go above and beyond every single day. They know how to get things done, connect the dots, and solve problems on the fly. They are persistent and relentless — and a real inspiration to us.

Can-do Smartsheet customers

That’s why we love to hear stories from customers scaling obstacles and making the impossible possible. We caught up with many of them at our recent customer conference, ENGAGE, to hear about the new ways they’re finding to collaborate, innovate, and achieve more. 

1. Maricarmen Vargas, Marketing Operations Director, Vuelo6, @Vuelo6

Smartsheet "can-doer" Maricarmen Vargas

“We’re a team, so I feel if they are failing, I am failing. It's all about the cohesive goals and impacts. We're turning into — instead of just a marketing agency — a performance marketing agency where we track everything, we see everything, we have live dashboards with all our metrics. I actually got to implement all of that really, really cool data stuff. Smartsheet manages our processes and all we do inside the agency — design, programming, account management tasks, accounting, just the day-to-day tasks that become the heart and the veins of our operation. Smartsheet is the platform that brought all of the company together, all of our departments together.”

2. Kelly Palmer, Project Manager for Future Capabilities, AbbVie, @AbbVie


Smartsheet customer and "can-doer" Kelly Palmer

“[Smartsheet] has decreased my emails, it has decreased my chaos, and ... I have empowered my teams to be responsible for the information that's theirs. Because of Smartsheet, I can do that. I empower them.”

3. Maya Draisin, SVP of Progress Marketing, TIME, @TIME

“Collaboration has never been more important. It’s critical. It’s impossible to work without collaborating. There are a bunch of tools, including Smartsheet, that can allow us to work in a single platform, keep information in real time, and keep people up to date so that everybody is moving forward on the same page.”

4. Kate White, Development Manager, Kaplan @KaplanNews

Smartsheet customer and "can-doer" Kate White

“I am one of these geeky people that loves lots of data and information. [...] I love a good report, and [I] use dashboards as well to create bar charts and that sort of thing. And I just love a bit of data ...”

5. Darrin Phillips, CFO and Founder, Top Shelf Real Estate Advisors

“Smartsheet supports your company in ways that you probably couldn't plan for, or you wouldn't necessarily think about. When I started with Smartsheet, I just needed a project management software solution, and it was frankly an affordable option."

Smartsheet customer and "can-doer" Darrin Phillips

“I used to run a construction division of a national real estate investment trust, and they had dashboards and all of these automated approvals. They had a whole IT department that built this stuff and updated it. And warp speed 12 years later, I help lead a 10-person company. And we don't need an IT department to build dashboards and set up automated approvals.”

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6. Barbara Tavares, Construction Manager, Austin, TX

Smartsheet customer and "can-doer" Barbara Taveares

“When I first introduced Smartsheet to the team, and I explained how it would simplify our processes, everybody was very excited. When I took them out in the field with our smart devices, I showed them how they could input their data in the field and it automatically sends to me. Everyone got big smiles on their faces. And they started realizing how much more they could get done in their eight-hour day; they weren't going to be stuck at work late at night doing paperwork. And it just makes everybody happier ... because, at the end of the day, it's actually the end of the day. And they're not working more on their way home or early in the morning finishing up the last day's work.”

7. Brittany Hillis, Contract Associate, Olsson, @olsson_tweets

Smartsheet customer and "can-doer" Brittany Hillis

“Being able to build dashboards in Smartsheet and realizing how easy it is brings out my inner kid. They’re so much fun to build and it’s fun to see the client’s reaction. When you present it to them and they’re like, “Yes, this has everything that we wanted.”

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