Won’t hide our pride: Highlighting Pride month events at Smartsheet

by The Smartsheet Team

July 21, 2023

Pride is a time for celebration as well as a time for reflection, unity, and advocacy. Smartsheet is excited to share in the vibrant and empowering celebrations of Pride month, and honor and support our LGBTQ+ employees. Pride month, recognized globally in June, commemorates a pivotal moment in civil rights history — the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 — where LGBTQ+ individuals bravely stood up against oppression. Since then, Pride has grown into a worldwide series of parades, workshops, parties, and more, where millions of people, including allies, unite to celebrate and advocate for the community.

 “We spend one-third of each day at work, and holding Pride events signals to people that it is okay to be your full, authentic self in the workplace. Many people are still made to feel ashamed of their identities, but companies supporting Pride events help to combat this and can create a sense of belonging for everyone.” — Marvin E., Customer Success Manager at Smartsheet

How Smartsheet celebrates Pride

With the help of the Rainbow Collab employee resource group (ERG), Smartsheet celebrated Pride this year in style, combining festivities like parades and virtual drag bingo with ongoing, year-round support and a commitment to allyship. The Rainbow Collab is dedicated to building a diverse and welcoming community at Smartsheet, including hosting programs and events for employees during Pride month and beyond.

Group of people holding Smartsheet banner at a Pride Parade

Global Pride parades

Smartsheet employees attended and took part in worldwide Pride parades in Boston, Seattle, London, Sydney, and San Jose. Rainbow Collab members took to the streets in Smartsheet Pride gear, including shirts with a design inspired by the vivid and active energy of the community made especially for this year’s celebrations by Ana J., a designer on our Costa Rica team.

“Sponsoring the parade in Costa Rica is very important because it reflects our diverse and innovative workforce,” says Melina S., Manager, Collections at Smartsheet. “We want the world to know us as an inclusive, respectful, and secure place where employees are always valued. Additionally, participating in Pride events helps build a sense of belonging and collaboration between coworkers, and opens people’s eyes to how important diversity is and how big and strong the global Pride movement has become.”

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Pride Summit

Smartsheet acted as a corporate sponsor for the Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Pride Summit, an inclusive gathering of over 20,000 leaders and allies in the LGBTQ+ community. Thirteen employees were chosen to attend, as well as six sponsored program participants at Ada Developer's Academy, for professional development, ongoing education, and networking opportunities.

Fireside chat with Seujan Bertram

In partnership with the Asian and Pacific Islanders ERG, the Rainbow Collab co-hosted a virtual conversation with Seujan Bertram, the COO of Netbase Quid, on creating teams that thrive within an environment where employees are encouraged to be their authentic selves.

Virtual Drag bingo

The Rainbow Collab ERG put on virtual Drag bingo hosted by Screaming Queens, a queer-owned company specializing in virtual Pride events. A global group of employees, led by host Joy S., were encouraged to wave their flags, unfurl their fans, and dance along to the group playlist while winning fun bingo prizes. 

Community building and networking

In addition to these events, the Rainbow Collab organized randomized one-on-one coffee chats with ERG members. These chats are a great way for employees who do not work closely with one another to meet and connect, and to share in the community over a cup of their favorite cup of coffee or tea.

We all have someone in our lives that is particularly special — the ones that make our lives sparkle. That’s why the Rainbow Collab launched a #Love-is-Love Slack channel, to emphasize that love is what unites us as humans, and as a community. Employees are encouraged to post pictures and stories of the ones they love, from husbands and wives to children and pets, and share in the universal language of love.

"Growing up as a closeted little boy in a small town where I could never even imagine so many people in one place, let alone so many people coming together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, Pride reminds me every year that we may be a minority, but we are not alone." — Marvin E., Customer Success Manager at Smartsheet

Join the celebration

Smartsheet takes pride in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that celebrates its employees and encourages them to live their values every day. We’ve created a community that values the unique contributions of each individual and are committed to the success of everyone involved. 

Join the celebration, and be a part of our journey to drive meaningful change in our communities.

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