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Smartsheet Delivers Unprecedented Visibility into Collaborative Work

With the launch of Sights™, Smartsheet empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to see more, and communicate more, enhancing business speed and performance

Bellevue, Wash. – March 15, 2016 - Smartsheet, the collaborative work management platform used by millions of people worldwide, today unveiled Sights™, a new product offering that delivers unprecedented visibility into the valuable work being done within Smartsheet environments. By surfacing important information to the right audiences at the right times, Sights delivers positive business impact by enhancing organizational speed and performance.

Sights amplifies the value and relevance of work being done in Smartsheet through increased: Smartsheet Sights

  • Visibility: Sights reflects the true, real-time, and actionable view of work as it is being done in the Smartsheet platform, making better sense of complexity, and curating information into compelling stories that can be shared across the organization.
  • Performance: Individuals and teams can do more, watch more, manage more, and report on more, with greater speed and agility. Sights enhances the value of information, surfacing productivity and achievements, and quickly increases understanding at all levels.
  • Self-service: Sights’ ease of use and flexibility enables users to configure the product themselves, and gives teams the ability to rapidly customize how they visualize and derive insight from their work.

“Sights is a game-changer for our customers, giving them the power to amplify the value of the important work they’re doing on our platform,” said Mark Mader, president and CEO of Smartsheet. “The valuable insights they derive from Sights go well beyond a surface-level look at productivity – they enable individuals and teams to work smarter and make smarter decisions, driving enhanced organizational speed and performance.”

Key features of Sights:

  • Drag and drop layout anyone can use: It's simple for any Smartsheet user to create a Sight by selecting widgets and dragging them into position.
  • Configurable widgets let you design the look you want: Sight widgets display your data sources in visual styles including metrics, rich text, lists, grids and more, and controls let you get just the look you want with different colors, fonts, sizing and text.
  • Multiple data sources give a complete view: Sights can include any information in Smartsheet plus links to information outside of Smartsheet so you can give a complete view of projects and processes.
  • Sharing permissions let you reach the right viewers: You can set sharing permissions specific to each Sight so just the right set of viewers see it, and only people with administrative rights can change it.

Sights Beta Customer Perspective

Sights has already earned acclaim among hundreds of existing Smartsheet customers from various industries, including international advertising agency, TBWA, noted organizational performance experts, Noble 4 Advisors, and the world’s largest commercial real estate service and investment firm, CBRE.

“Our organization applies a disruptive approach to all facets of our work, including our internal technology,” said Ted Colgate, CIO at TBWA Worldwide. “Sights is a fascinating addition to Smartsheet’s already powerful work collaboration platform in that it creates a new connection between unstructured and structured data. It is definitely a very disruptive idea. With Sights, our team can now easily leverage documents of unstructured data that live in our Sheets and report on them in a more structured way in the form of business intelligence. This insight allows us to make smarter, faster decisions across the company.”

“At Noble 4 Advisors, we help CEOs define outstanding performance and prioritize the activities of their company by providing, among other things, a tracking and scoring process to improve execution,” said Tom Lewis, a Founding Advisor at Noble 4, former White House CIO, and CEO of Ameritrade. “By easily and flexibly surfacing critical information about the work being done in their organization, Sights gives leaders and teams the ability to optimize performance by making rapid adjustments in their processes and workflows as needed.”

“CBRE is an organization that prides itself on applying experience, intelligence and resources to help clients successfully navigate real estate decisions,” said Kellie Hill, Sales Director for the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Region, CBRE. “We need a platform that helps us not only collaborate, but unearth insights that we can apply to our work and projects. Sights helps create a dynamic understanding of CBRE’s critical workflow, which further empowers us to deliver outstanding results for our clients.”

Recently named by Google as “Marketplace App of the Year” at TeamWork 2016, Smartsheet’s collaborative work management platform is used by more than 65,000 brands and is a trusted provider to industry-leading organizations like Cisco, Groupon, Salesforce, the GSA, and Google. Over half of the Fortune 500, and 70 percent of both Forbes “The World's Most Innovative Companies” and Fortune 100 companies use Smartsheet. The company was also named the “Best Office 365 App” for its Outlook integration at the 2015 World Partner Conference.

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