Four reasons to attend ENGAGE 2023: #1 The sessions

by Brandi Kulakowski

We see you out there solving everyone's work challenges. And we get it. That’s why the sessions at Smartsheet ENGAGE 2023 — our annual customer conference happening September 19-21  — are built around providing actionable tips that you can take back to your organization. 

In this post, we kick off a four-part blog series that fills you in on why you won’t want to miss this year’s event. This first post dives into what we have planned for this year’s 65+ expert-led sessions as well as highlights some of the top must-attend sessions.

Session tracks built to connect the dots

This year you’ll hear from Smartsheet users at Iron Mountain, Overlake Hospital, Tech Systems, Inc., and PCI Pharma Services, along with many others, to get a glimpse into how they use Smartsheet at their organizations. Be sure to check the agenda often — we’re adding new speakers every week!

With the following six tracks, there’s something for nearly anyone that uses — or is getting to know — Smartsheet:

  1. Learn the Smartsheet Platform: Meet all the core Smartsheet features, from sheets and sharing, to forms, formulas, automation, and more.
  2. Grow with Modern Project and Portfolio Management: Chock full of sessions focused on helping you simplify, standardize, and scale your projects and portfolios.  
  3. Expand with Marketing and Creative Management: This track will help you accelerate and scale your campaigns, content, and creative work.
  4. Innovate with Strategic Transformation: Learn how your organization can leverage technology to speed up systemic change and growth at scale.
  5. Understand Security, Governance, and Administration: Gain the skills to manage your Smartsheet account efficiently and securely, while optimizing for your organizational needs.
  6. Stretch your power user skills: This track explores everything from Control Center to the Smartsheet API to help power users like you take your solutions to new heights.


ENGAGE Session Speaker

The sessions you won’t want to miss

Although all of the sessions are being built to ensure you get the most out of your experience, here are a few of the most anticipated topics:

  • Leveraging AI to be more efficient, creative, and empowered - Smartsheet Vice President of Product Management, Noah Edelstein, speaks about how AI in Smartsheet will help you eliminate many of the time-consuming, manual tasks typically involved in collaborative work.
  • Talking transformation - Chris Marsh of 451 Research, and a Smartsheet partner, will discuss the evolving expectations of transformation.
  • How the Smartsheet marketing team manages work - Our marketing team shares how it uses Smartsheet to power its process and deliver on-brand marketing at scale. 
  • Delivering actionable insights to your leadership team - Learn how to aggregate information at program and portfolio levels to provide visibility to your leadership team so that they can identify changing business needs and respond to them quickly.
  • How IT organizations are using Smartsheet at scale - Smartsheet CISO Chris Peake moderates a discussion with Smartsheet customers on best practices for managing, governing, and scaling the Smartsheet platform across their organizations.
  • Leveraging the query string in forms - In this session, you’ll discover how to use query string parameters to automatically fill in fields in forms.


ENGAGE Session Attendee

Industry-specific sessions

ENGAGE will bring together folks across specific industries, like higher education, healthcare and life sciences, and government to uplevel your expertise. Here’s a look at sessions designed just for you: 

Higher education

Elevating student, faculty, and staff experiences with Smartsheet - Find out how Smartsheet empowers higher education teams to amp up their operational efficiency, improve visibility to critical information, and collaborate seamlessly across departments so teams can focus on taking innovation to new heights and creating better experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

Streamlining brand management with Brandfolder and Content Automation - Hear the experience and insights from University of Colorado Denver employees on effectively implementing Brandfolder and Content Automation within their brand refresh. You’ll gain valuable knowledge about streamlining brand management processes and fostering collaboration in higher education.

Healthcare and life sciences

Smartsheet in healthcare and life sciences: Drive innovation, improve patient outcomes - You’ll learn how to scale Smartsheet to meet your unique operational needs, with examples on clinical trial and formulary management. Discover specific solutions and best practices to increase efficiency, manage risk, and more that you can apply across industry use cases.


What’s next for Smartsheet Gov? - Learn about forthcoming features and capabilities and the future of the Smartsheet Gov platform. These enhancements include some of our most in-demand features requested by government customers, and reflect our ongoing commitment to empowering government agencies with secure and compliant modern work management solutions.

Geek out on efficiency at ENGAGE 2023

With over 65 sessions and six tracks, there's something for everyone, whether you're new to Smartsheet or a power user. There are also industry-specific sessions for higher education, healthcare, and government sectors, providing tailored insights and best practices.

ENGAGE 2023 is all about providing you the tools you need to plan your next big thing, actionable tips, aha moments, and networking with like-minded professionals. So mark your calendar, register now (if you haven’t already!), start building your agenda, and get ready to geek out on efficiency with us!