Creating a solution to reach your business goals

by Miya McClain

March 13, 2024

The modern workforce is constantly looking for more efficient ways to solve increasingly complex programs and processes. As we’ve come to realize over the last few years, remote and hybrid collaboration isn’t going away. 

According to Gartner’s Social and Collaboration Software in the Workplace forecast, “By the end of 2026, democratization of technology, together with the digitization and automation of work, will increase the total available fully remote/hybrid jobs to 64% of all employees, up from 52% in 2021.1” But as we know, ensuring remote work offers the same collaborative, efficient solutions isn’t always easy. According to S&P Global’s recent Work Execution survey, "72% of employees struggle with collaboration”. Furthermore, “19% said their tech stack was the single biggest factor on quality of work” outranking, company culture, colleagues, and compensation.

You need the right tools to get the job done efficiently. That’s why we’re continuing to make it easier to not only realize the vast power of our platform, but also to bring all your work together in a single solution that aligns businesses priorities and drives results.

We started this journey by making it easier for you to manage the solutions you were already creating in Smartsheet. And we aren’t stopping there. We’re actively enabling you to easily translate your ideas into solutions that transform your programs and processes. In today's ever-changing work setup, where more teams are going remote or mixing it up with hybrid styles, having the right tools is super important. It's all about keeping everyone organized and helping folks bring their business goals to life. But it’s easier said than done, oftentimes tools can actually slow users down and efficient outcomes remain elusive. Creators must be equipped with the ability to quickly build, manage, and evolve collaborative solutions that address any business challenge.

When we say a comprehensive solution, we mean the ability to bring people, ideas, and content together in Smartsheet to tackle a business problem. Whether it’s a workback schedule for a construction project, a ticket management system to help software teams prioritize tasks, inventory process management for retail organizations, or a unique solution that helps your team get more work done, faster, you need an efficient way to solve it. 

Whether it’s a small team project or an enterprise-wide portfolio that scales across multiple processes, and whether you leverage third-party integrations or our very own WorkApps, our innovations continue to power flexible solutions, regardless of use case or complexity. We’re providing creators of any skill level with a strong set of capabilities that empower people, content, and work to efficiently scale and navigate with the shifting demands of modern work management. 

“I love how integrated and advanced the platform is! There are so many possibilities on how to build a tool that meets your needs.” Gartner CWM Survey


As part of this cycle of innovation, we’re adding even more ways to help translate your next idea into a solution. 


Smartsheet product screen


  • Easily build solutions with one click: Click the “+” icon to explore the Template Gallery, or quickly build a powerful solution from scratch using options to create a new sheet, report, or dashboard.
  • Quickly create solutions with AI:  We will continue to build on this vision later this year by enabling you to generate outcomes even faster by contextually creating powerful, personalized solutions in seconds leveraging AI. From sheet columns to the charts on the dashboard, you will be able to build smarter solutions leveraging key insights and historical data to create intelligent solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Efficiently find and manage the solutions that matter most: Gain quick access to your most important solutions and recommendations right from the Home screen.
  • Browse our in-app Template Gallery: Explore and jump-start use cases by navigating to the + Icon in app to access our recently added Project Portfolio Management, Marketing & Creative Management, Strategic Transformation templates. Templates like Simple Project Plan or the more advanced Simple Project Portfolio make it easy to build, manage, and evolve a powerful solution for use cases, like product launches or business project management office (PMO). 


We’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to turn your vision into powerful outcomes and equip you with everything you need to make collaboration more efficient. To keep up to date on the latest innovations coming from our team to yours, please subscribe to our release notes


  1Source: Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Social and Collaboration Software in the Workplace, Worldwide, March 2023”