Smartsheet product highlights

by The Smartsheet Team

May 1, 2024

Second quarter 2024 update

We are back to review what’s new in Smartsheet, lately! Explore our latest developments, including AI capabilities, workload tracking functionality, and pre-built dashboard color themes.

Or, watch the short video above from our product evangelist, Cicero.

AI tools: generate formulas, text and summaries

Time to get excited —Smartsheet has officially launched our first AI capabilities! This new functionality will unlock the power of formulas and by allowing users to get all the value that they offer while eliminating the need to learn the syntax to write error-free. Smartsheet has long offered powerful formulas and functions that enable you to analyze data, calculate KPIs, and organize information effortlessly. With our latest innovation, you can simply describe your concepts and AI will take care of the rest, generating working formulas referencing your columns directly within your sheet. It’s formula creation made simple and efficient.

Also, our AI text and summaries feature opens up a world of possibilities. Harness your sheet data to craft compelling ad copy, extract specific insights, analyze sentiment, translate text, summarize tasks, and much more. With the power of AI at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless.

Available to licensed users on a Smartsheet Enterprise plan. 

Workload tracking

Smartsheet Workload Schedule gif

Are you often faced with the challenge of managing multiple projects simultaneously, grappling with uncertainties about task assignments, team member workloads, and project responsibilities? If so, we have two new workload tracking features that will make your life easier. 

The first feature is called the workload heatmap. This heatmap provides a visual snapshot view of your team's availability, ensuring that the people you assign tasks to actually have the capacity to take on the work. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to streamlined decision-making.

And, we're excited to introduce the workload schedule. This feature introduces an expanded view of the heatmap, offering a detailed, full-screen display that outlines the projects team members are engaged in, and identifies the reasons for overallocation. Within this view, you can resolve overallocations effectively by reassigning tasks, adjusting task timelines, and fine-tuning the percentage allocations to ensure a balanced workload distribution among team members. Together, these features are designed to enhance team performance and streamline project execution.

Workload tracking is available to licensed users on Smartsheet Business or Enterprise plans. 

Dashboard themes

Smartsheet project dashboard, the right rail displays nine pre-built color themes

Introducing an exciting update to Smartsheet dashboards: nine pre-built color themes! Now, creating visually stunning dashboards is quicker and easier than ever before.

With these new themes, you can effortlessly infuse your dashboard with colors that reflect your brand identity or personal style. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle and sophisticated tones, there's a theme to suit every preference.

Simply choose the theme that best fits your vision, and watch as it automatically applies across your entire dashboard. In just a few clicks, your dashboard will be transformed into a captivating display of your data.


We’ll be back in soon with more exciting Smartsheet capabilities and enhancements. In the meantime, visit our new release news page and subscribe to receive emails to see all the additional features and updates we added in the past few months to help you maximize the work that matters — yours!