Smartsheet user subscription

by The Smartsheet Team

June 24, 2024

Improve transparency and governance, with an enterprise-grade subscription built for adoption at any scale

As your business grows you need a foundational platform for managing projects, programs, people, and processes at scale. Enter Smartsheet. Smartsheet, the enterprise work management platform, empowers collaboration across your business to drive meaningful change. With a new subscription model, we’re making the management and administration of cross-functional, business collaboration, a lot easier.

Managing technology environments is challenging. It can be challenging to understand who needs access, why they need access, and whether they will ultimately get value from the access they get. Pair those challenges with a lack of visibility, little transparency, and predetermined buying increments, and you start to get a picture of the challenges that face not only System Administrators but also Procurement and Buyers.

In order for System Administrators to effectively do their jobs they need governance and control of their environments. For Procurement and Buyers to continue to collaborate with vendors, it needs to be easy to do business with them. One of the most straightforward ways to address these challenges and needs within a technology organization is to couple two things together: 1) subscription model changes and 2) product innovation to support the changes to the model. 

We are changing the way customers do business with us 

Previously, our legacy model at times proved cumbersome to purchasers to understand the value of Smartsheet in three ways: 

  • Complex pricing: Learning the pricing model wasn’t easy - and we had upwards of 10+ user types to try to understand.  Cycles and time were spent trying to understand how to do business with Smartsheet rather than empowering users to collaborate with one another. 
  • Delegating access: Determining who needed a license was complex and took a lot of forethought. System Administrators had to carefully dole out licenses with the hope that the person they were giving paid value to would really use it. And in some instances, System Administrators had to spend time and resources building out bespoke request processes rather than staying focused on their jobs. 
  • Managing users: Identifying all the users within an organization’s Smartsheet environment was challenging, and managing them effectively once identified proved to be even more difficult.


We’ve heard the feedback, we understand the challenges, and we’ve improved the way that you do business with us. Smartsheet is transitioning to a new model for user subscriptions to our platform. This new subscription model increases the value of Smartsheet for business leaders, administrators, and purchasers in three simple ways: 

  • Transparent, predictable pricing: Easily understand and forecast your subscription costs.  
  • Faster value realization: Allow users access to the full platform and demonstrate its value before committing to a purchase.
  • Ease of management: Ensure that your business processes comply with IT governance standards. 

Infographic of 5 pain points solved with a Smartsheet User Subscription

All three of these valuable changes make it easier to do business with us. No more guessing, no more wondering, no more worrying, and no more questioning the value that Smartsheet is bringing to an organization. It’s easier than ever to understand. 

The user subscription model

A Smartsheet user subscription adapts to your evolving business requirements, helping you achieve your goals as your organization grows. Users can start innovating, strategizing, and executing work in their own way before purchasing a license. While more team members collaborate on work, administrators can manage their Smartsheet environment with security, safety, and transparency. With features like user management and Plan Insights, administrators are never caught off guard and know what to expect. Regardless of the scope or nature of the work, a Smartsheet subscription provides consistent visibility and transparency, adapting to the dynamic realities of your workflow.

There are three core pieces to this subscription model:

  • Simplified User Types -  Instead of needing to be versed in 10+ user types, we’ve introduced three primary Smartsheet user types: Members, Guests, and Viewers. Members are paid while Guests and Viewers are free and unlimited. Learn more about our new user types and our new pricing.
  • Provisional Licensing - New users can get started within a “try before you buy” timeframe. As part of our new true-up model, new users will get to experience the full value of Smartsheet before System Administrators need to purchase additional licenses for them. Learn more about our new provisional use. 
  • Reconciliation Periods and True-up - We’ve made it easier for you to manage all of your users. Provisional Members have full access to the Smartsheet platform for up to 90-days, at no cost. Prior to the end of this period of free usage, you can determine which Provisional Members need to be converted to a paid Member during a set reconciliation period.

We’re providing more visibility, transparency, and flexibility than ever before. Each one of these pieces creates a solid foundation for doing business better with Smartsheet. 

We’re here to help through this transition 

Initially, this new model will only apply to new plans that are purchasing a Smartsheet subscription. For existing plans, this subscription model will apply to you at your first renewal in 2025. For customers on multi-year plans, this subscription model will apply to you when your multi-year plan is up for renewal. 

More information will be provided in the upcoming months. And if you have a managed account, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team for more information. Otherwise check out the Help Center and Smartsheet Pricing to learn more.