Unlocking potential with Smartsheet Gov: More capabilities to help you execute on work

by Chris Peake

May 20, 2024

A few months ago, I made a promise to keep you informed on the investments and updates we’re making to the Smartsheet Gov experience. I’m happy to follow up on that promise and share that we’re continuing to roll out new solutions for Smartsheet Gov users, and soon you’ll have even more functionality to drive outcomes and unlock your potential. These powerful capabilities will increase collaboration, provide greater visibility, and create an improved, more intuitive user experience.

At this week’s Smartsheet Gov Forum in Arlington, VA, I was joined by Cynthia Tee, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Smartsheet, in delivering on our commitment to empower government teams to deliver results faster, securely, and at scale. To fulfill that goal, we announced new features, including Dynamic View, modern reporting, and Microsoft Teams integration.

As always with Smartsheet Gov, these updates were built with security and compliance front of mind, and we continue to work with the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) to ensure we meet and exceed FedRAMP requirements and standards. 

Dynamic View

The nature of government work calls for a balance of collaboration and control. This includes the need to manage complex processes while maintaining confidentiality across internal teams and external stakeholders. That’s why I’m confident that Dynamic View will be a major asset for many of our Smartsheet Gov customers. Smartsheet Dynamic View enables users to collaborate using the same set of data while controlling exactly what is shared, when, and to whom.

With Dynamic View, individual users can easily view real-time data from across multiple sheets, and government agencies can cut through the noise of complex processes to manage processes at scale, enabling you to:

  • Protect sensitive information with identity or condition-based access control. 
  • Simplify and accelerate collaboration by highlighting only mission-critical information. 
  • Lead users through a multi-step process with adequate governance and guardrails.

By providing customized views to specific collaborators, Dynamic View allows you to not only protect sensitive and confidential data, it also means you can cut through the noise and roll up only the most relevant, need-to-know information with simplified views, leading to increased visibility and better business decisions. Available May 2024. 

Improved reporting 

The new report builder in Smartsheet Gov makes it easier to understand, create, and update reports with an improved, intuitive experience. Some of these improvements include:

  • The inclusion of Card view, which gives you quick and actionable insight into the status of work across all your projects. 
  • Grouping and Sheet summary enables you to easily group data and surface key metrics so you can spend less time tracking down information and more time executing on work. 
  • Column connect ensures that your reports pull in all relevant data, even when column names have been changed or updated.

These updates will enable users can quickly and visually view information in a more holistic way by bringing together projects, information, and work streams. Available May 2024

Microsoft Teams integration 

The Smartsheet integration with Microsoft Teams improves visibility and collaboration by combining our powerful work execution platform with the communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams, enabling your people to see, discuss and act on work in real-time. With our Teams integration, users can harness the creativity and spontaneity of conversations by pairing them directly with Smartsheet,  helping them transform conversations into action.

The Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams integration will enable users to send notifications to Team Channels for customers in the Gov Community Cloud environment, which hosts most civilian government agencies. This means users will have improved visibility as work progresses within their team. Additional capabilities like tab integration and direct notifications will come later, as well as integration with the Department of Defense environment.  Available July/August 2024. 

Additional Smartsheet Gov updates

In addition to these new capabilities across Smartsheet Gov, we also rolled out some exciting new programs and community engagement opportunities for our Smartsheet Gov users.

Recently, the Smartsheet Community launched Industry Talk for Government, enabling Smartsheet Gov users to to post, respond, and engage with other fellow Smartsheet Gov users – and users of the commercial platform – for the first time. This new communication forum lets you connect with peers across all levels of government and share solutions, questions, ideas, and best practices.

We’ve also expanded our Mobilizer program to include Smartsheet Gov users. This program provides power users and thought leaders across the many government agencies that use Smartsheet Gov adequate resources to educate peers, expand use of Smartsheet Gov within their agencies, and drive meaningful change. We’ve also found that Smartsheet Mobilizers see the role of Smartsheet Mobilizer as integral to their career growth and professional advancement.  

We’re entering an exciting chapter for Smartsheet Gov users. We’re giving them more solutions to get the job done, and we’re continuing to update and enhance the Smartsheet Gov platform. Simultaneously, we’re opening up more training, engagement, and community-building opportunities to ensure your potential is unlocked. With the right tools, there are no limits to what can be accomplished across your organization.

To learn more about how you can make the most of these new Smartsheet Gov features, contact us, today.


Thank you! 
Chris Peake, Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Vice President of Security