Introducing Smartsheet on Oculus Quest 2, a new virtual reality experience

by Nitin T Bhat

Oculus Blog Image

We’re excited to announce that Smartsheet is now available in the Oculus Store and can be used in the Home environment on Oculus Quest 2 headsets. As Facebook shared today at its annual Connect conference, anyone with a Quest 2 headset can now have a seamless and immersive Smartsheet experience in virtual reality (VR) via a 2D panel app.
Smartsheet is one of the first 2D collaborative work management platforms available in the Oculus Store, offering a new way for people to manage their work in the hybrid era. 

The way we work has changed. With more people working remotely, a hybrid workplace has become the new normal. We have adapted how we collaborate and communicate with each other to fit our new way of working, but plenty of challenges still remain. Brainstorming and collaborating doesn’t feel as fruitful when we can’t be in the same room and many of us feel bogged down by an increase in meetings and status update requests. 

VR can help alleviate some of the pain points of remote work by making it feel like you’re in the same room as your colleagues. Whether you're redesigning an office space with your team of architects or marking up proofs with your marketing team, VR opens up new collaboration possibilities and a seemingly endless screen to enhance productivity.  Smartsheet and Oculus are creating virtual experiences that bring people together to get work done in new ways. 

Unlocking a Seamless Workflow on an Infinite Screen

There are many benefits to working in VR, and having a 2D app within VR allows customers to manage their work using Smartsheet without leaving the context of the Oculus experience, reducing disruptions and saving time. Smartsheet in Home on Quest 2 creates a holistic VR work environment that allows you to seamlessly switch between Smartsheet, messaging apps, and virtual meeting rooms without having to take off your Oculus headset. 

VR’s infinite screen gives you the flexibility and space for apps like no other screen in your home or office. Instead of resizing windows to fit  your physical screens, you can make your virtual screens flex to fit your work. And with the standalone power of Quest 2, you can take your screens with you anywhere.  

With Smartsheet on Quest 2, you’re no longer limited by the bounds of a physical monitor or mobile device when working in Smartsheet. You can start experimenting with using much bigger panels that display more information, opening up new possibilities for creating customized workflows and solutions to help your team or department manage their work in powerful new ways.

Looking Ahead

We’re excited to see the evolution of this new app platform in Home as new capabilities get added. Being one of the first 2D app partners gives us a chance to learn what our customers need and want from this new experience, allowing us to iterate and evolve our approach over time.

In the future, a new 3D version of Smartsheet on the platform could unlock even more immersive ways of working for our customers. With Smartsheet in 3D, our image and video proofing capabilities could come to life in new ways: mark feedback and make comments all within the context of the Smartsheet app, which could show spatial images and videos with proofing enabled. Imagine the value for those who plan events and need to see layouts in 3D, use 3D models for medical research or need the fidelity or spatial images (computer aided design (CAD) or computer aided manufacturing (CAM)) to manage engineering projects — the possibilities are boundless. 

As the way we work continues to evolve, our goal is to empower you and your teams to create meaningful change no matter where you use Smartsheet — whether that’s your desktop, mobile device, or a virtual reality headset.