Smartsheet Product Highlights

by Lekshmi Unnithan

April 2022 update

In 2021, we released over 100 time-saving capabilities and updates that improved the overall customer experience in Smartsheet including a refreshed home experience, new automated workflows, enhancements to forms, e-signature with DocuSign, WorkApps, and more.

But we’re not stopping there. Our product development teams have been working hard to help you achieve success. Read on to learn about the top 5 capabilities and updates that we recently released in Smartsheet. Or, watch the video below to hear about them directly from our Principal Technical Evangelist, Cicero.

1. Project Assistant

Creating your first project management solution might seem daunting at first, but with Project Assistant, it doesn’t have to be! Now you can quickly build and share projects with just a few simple inputs.

The Project Assistant tile in the Create menu walks you through naming your project and adding the first few tasks to your task sheet. From there, Project Assistant will automatically create two reports and a dashboard and neatly place them within a workspace personalized to your project. Now, managing new work is as easy as 1-2-3!

2. Redesigned workflow manager and workflow template gallery

Creating new projects isn't the only thing we simplified. Do you have manual, redundant processes but don't know how to start with automation or want more visibility into the performance of your existing workflows? The new Workflow Template Gallery and redesigned Workflow Manager can help you jump-start workflow creation, automate manual processes with confidence, and manage existing workflows easier. 

The new Workflow Template Gallery has pre-built workflow templates with GIFs and tips for when and how to use automation for different scenarios. You can easily send reminders to stakeholders as the critical dates approach, keep projects up to date with weekly status requests, or even archive completed tasks to stay focused on what needs to be done. You can also use the enhanced sort and filter options available in our modernized Workflow Manager to easily find and manage your existing workflows, know when a workflow last ran, and check whether anyone has unsubscribed.

3. Dashboard management

You no longer have to manually move individual widgets around your dashboard or recreate identical widgets on different dashboards from scratch. Our new dashboard management tools help you build and manage dashboards faster than ever.

Select multiple widgets at once and move them around as a group within your dashboard. You can even cut, copy, or paste multiple widgets from one dashboard to another or a different location within the same dashboard. Covering up that pesky unused space in the middle of your dashboard is now easier too! Just right-click the area between your widgets and select “Consolidate Empty Space” to quickly remove unused space on your dashboard.

4. Integrated Digital Asset Management (Brandfolder)

Brandfolder is the #1 Digital Asset Management platform for companies to manage their brand's assets and maintain brand consistency as their products evolve. Brandfolder’s core functionality is now available in Smartsheet for customers that have Brandfolder and are on a Business or Enterprise plan in Smartsheet.

Use the new Brandfolder icon in the right rail to attach assets from Brandfolder directly into your sheet. Brandfolder remains the source of truth, and anyone who can view the sheet can view the attached assets. You can even upload attachments and publish completed proofs from Smartsheet into Brandfolder without having to leave your sheet. Finally, track asset performance and usage data by pulling Brandfolder Insights into Smartsheet.

5. Core Product Certification

Are you ready to advance your career with a professional certification? Smartsheet University is excited to offer a new Core Product Certification. This industry-standard, proctored certification exam validates your knowledge of Smartsheet and building and configuring collaborative work environments. Once you pass the exam, you will receive the Core Product Certified badge, which you can share with your network on LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of professionals that are Smartsheet Certified today!


We’ll be back soon with more power-packed Smartsheet capabilities and enhancements. In the meantime, visit our release notes page to see all the additional features and updates we added in 2022 to help you do your best work and drive meaningful change.