We’re doubling down on bringing your creative campaigns to life

by Ben Canning

May 15, 2023 (updated August 18, 2023)

Our goal is to make work easier and faster at any scale — no matter your role, industry, or organization. The majority of our customers are focused on managing projects, processes and portfolios, marketing, and delivering strategic initiatives or enterprise-wide efficiencies. So the Smartsheet Platform is focused on delivering innovation to support our customers in three focused areas, namely via our Platform for Modern Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), Platform for Marketing and Creative Management, and Platform for Strategic Transformation.

The upcoming enhancements scheduled to release this quarter support each of these three areas, but this post has an eye towards our marketers and creators and how they can streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and accelerate the content lifecycle. 

Creating ways for marketers and creatives to deliver better customer experiences at scale is not new here at Smartsheet. We’ve spent the last several years building a solution to make this possible, with specific tools that help teams manage their people, their content collaboration, and their content. Some of these tools include resource management, proofing, and content review workflows.  We also doubled down on these investments to help manage content and create content at scale with the acquisition of both Brandfolder and Outfit. By integrating these technologies into one we can now improve the way marketers and creatives work together to deliver at high velocity.

 See how Climate Pledge Arena and the Seattle Kraken boost marketing efficiency and ticket sales with Smartsheet and Brandfolder.  

Now, let’s get into how this quarter’s innovations can help you manage marketing and creative work, content, and people to deliver better on-brand customer experiences at scale. 

Create impactful, on-brand dashboards

Dashboards are the visual story of your campaign’s status and results. New dashboard features will make them even more informative, beautiful, and on brand. Get visibility into marketing activities and more by consolidating data from many different sources into one place.

Learn about all of these new capabilities and more in our Make Beautiful Dashboards webinar!

Make beautiful dashboards with Smartsheet

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Better dashboard widgets give you more control over the look and feel of your dashboard: 

Surface new valuable information with the dashboard Work Insights widget (Private beta): Work Insights and chart widgets will be consolidated into a cohesive experience. Available now. 

Share your dashboard in the way that works best for your team: Print, email or automatically send your dashboard out on a set schedule. Coming soon. 

Manage content faster from design to distribution

If you think about it, there are really two common threads at the heart of everything that marketers and creatives touch: how they get work done and the content they create. Historically, these two have been managed separately, but by combining both in one platform, we have created a unified solution to help you scale your content creation while staying consistently on brand.   

Brandguide: Keep your brand consistent no matter what with always up-to-date digital guidelines showing how your brand assets should be used by both internal and external parties. Available now.


Content Automation: A better way to create content at scale. Content Automation empowers your team to create hundreds of assets across print and digital formats, instantly personalize them, and easily iterate to scale content creation without sacrificing brand integrity. Available now.


Automatically detect and label images: Organizing and tagging your assets in Brandfolder is faster than ever. Images can be scanned and automatically labeled using AI. Coming soon.

Get a jumpstart

New template gallery: Along with an easier-to-navigate UI, filters for popular use cases, and a new way to preview templates, our template gallery will include dozens of new templates like Campaign Plan with Baselines — a solution that makes it easy to plan tasks, define budget, set baselines, assign work, and visualize schedule health in one place.  Available now.

Control Center quick start: Control Center is now available to small businesses - Small business customers can now purchase a pre-built SCC blueprint, Smartsheet University Enablement Plan, and Expert Advisory from the Smartsheet Training team. Available now.

Workspace panel: This new experience will allow you to create new assets directly within a workspace and will make it easier to navigate between different items in Smartsheet. Coming soon.

Smartsheet Workspace Panel

Enhance security at scale

SSO governance policy for external collabs: System admins will be able to protect sensitive data by enforcing SSO policies on external collaborators that interact with their plan's Smartsheet assets. Coming soon.

Customized From Name: You will soon be able to specify the email sender From Name for Smartsheet automated workflow notifications. Available now.

Edit custom from names within Smartsheet

Want to know when these enhancements go live? Get notified in real time by subscribing to the product announcements channel in the community. If you’re not a customer yet and can’t subscribe, go ahead and give us a try here. 

Until next quarter! 

Thank you! 
Ben Canning Senior Vice President, Product Management

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