10,000ft Integration Panel: Visual Interaction Enhancements

by Product Marketing

July 24, 2020

We released three key visual improvements for updating assignments in 10,000ft:

  1. The 10,000ft integration panel now clearly shows when the resourcing plan was last updated in 10,000ft so the project manager can see the most recent changes and make more informed decisions. 

  2. We updated button labels to reduce confusion. On hover, buttons now show a preview of the proposed resourcing state, so project managers can feel confident about the changes before clicking. Instead of a vague "Confirm" button label for all updates, labels now dynamically change to show the action that will occur, and where it will occur. 

  3. We've also simplified bar visuals with fewer states that more directly and consistently represent assignments in 10,000ft vs. the Smartsheet project sheet.